2014: The Year Of Green Custom Home Trends

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More often than not, custom homes built in 2014 are being designed to be green. This new way of designing homes not only helps with the environment, but it also saves the homeowner as well. There are little things homeowners can do in order to live a greener lifestyle, but there are also ways that homes can be designed to benefit the environment.

Energy Star Appliances

We all know that we should start updating our light bulbs, but another thing that builders do is install Energy Star appliances. Most homes are using these energy appliances, but all homes built are having these top rated appliances installed. The government has given these products this rating in order to reduce greenhouse emissions and save energy time. These appliances are a tax rebate for the home owner, too.

Building Materials

There are numerous ways to create a green home while still in the designing phase. Using recycled material or renewable resources is a great way to save money and the environment at the same time. For instance, bamboo is made from a renewable energy source. It makes great flooring is a great choice for an energy saving home. Other great places to use bamboo in the home are in the bathroom or in the kitchen for cabinets.

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Heating and Cooling

Geothermal systems can be installed in homes and can be cooled and heated by using the temperature of the ground below the frost line. It doesn’t matter how hot the temperatures are outside in the summer, or how cold they are in the winter. The ground at this level stays about the same temperature all year round. This is a great energy saving thing to take advantage of. The systems are costly, but there are savings in tax incentives and the energy bill will be reduced greatly.

Taking advantage of landscaping can be a great way to design a home to be more energy efficient in its heating and cooling. Trees planted in strategic places around a home will shade the windows and allow less heat from the sun into the home in the summertime. Other times, trees can break the flow of the wind towards the home, allowing it to stay warmer in the winter. Shrubbery can be used as a way to insulate the home when planted around dead space around the home outside. Window placement can be strategic in helping to cut the cost of heating and cooling the home.

Solar energy is becoming more popular in custom homes. The cost of installing a solar energy system is coming down, so it is becoming a great choice for energy efficiency in new homes. Home owners are able to store extra energy as they retrieve energy from the sun for heating and cooling their homes.

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Recycling Water

So much water is used throughout the day in homes that isn’t contaminated and can be reused. Gray water recycling systems can allow you to reuse the water from the washing machine or the shower and filter it for use elsewhere in the home. This recycled water is commonly used for watering the garden or used in the toilet. Although the filter takes out all impurities from soap and other things, the recycled gray water is never used for consumption or for cleaning.

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