5 Simple Ways Of Making Your Bathroom More Modern

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If you are looking for a new renovation project then you should consider renewing your bathroom. A modern bathroom is going to ensure you can really relax after a long day at work and can also increase the value of your home if you are ever going to sell your house. Here are five very simple ways you can make your bathroom more modern.

1. Choosing The Right Colours

You can influence your bathroom’s look a lot by carefully selecting the right colours. If you are going for a modern look then it is important that you keep the colours very neutral.

At the moment grey and white bathrooms are very popular. They can look really timeless and provide your bathroom with the right elegance. You can then include more colours with the fabrics if you want. The Houzz website is good for some bathroom inspiration when it comes to using colours.

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2. Use Open Storage

Modern bathrooms are all about storage and at the moment it is really trendy to go with open storage solutions. This can add another decorative element where your bathroom essentials are part of the storage. You can also get really nice wooden or fabric boxes for storing some items out of sight.

Make sure you utilise the space well and only keep items that are essential for the room. De-cluttered rooms are much more modern then rooms filled with lots of useless items.

3. Add Some Softness

You can also make your bathroom a little bit more modern by adding a few soft elements for the room. For example, using plants as part of a bathroom decoration is a really good idea to consider. It can really make the room feel a little bit more luxurious as well as soft.

Another good option to include for modern bathroom is soft fabrics. For instance, really fluffy, soft shower mats can do wonders for a bathroom. You also want to display big, soft towels.

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4. Focus On Green Products

The trend these days is to go for green products everywhere in your home. Saving energy and water is a really important way of protecting the environment but it can also help you cut down on utility costs.

A good modern bathroom will definitely make use of a low flow shower head and water tap faucets. You should also think about using more eco-friendly cleaning products in your bathroom as well.

. Decide If You Want A Shower Or A Bath

It is also a good idea to carefully consider the pros and cons of choosing between a bath and a stand-alone shower. There are very modern looks for both of these options, although people are moving away from baths these days.

Perhaps the biggest reason is the fact that modern bathrooms tend to focus on simplicity and open space. A stand-alone shower makes it a lot easier to save space and the new modern showers are quite luxurious as well these days.

The above five ways can really help you modernise your bathroom in a very simple way.

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Maggie Green is passionate about decorating and she is always looking for new ideas to try at her house. She is also really into green living and wants to find ways of making her home more eco-friendly.

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