Tips To Make Your Home A Fly Free Zone

One of the main side effects of exposed rubbish is flies. Rats and other forms of vermin might take a longw time to find this food source, but flies will appear within a matter of days. They’re irritating and are unhygienic. In rare cases, they might even carry sickness and disease.

If you’re having a problem with flies, here are some home remedies for removing them and making sure they never come back.

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The Breeding Grounds

The average housefly will only live for about two weeks before dying. Large flies are actually the oldest and will only have days left before departing. They have incredibly quick breeding cycles. A fly can lay hundreds of eggs. Each one turns into a maggot that eventually transforms into an adult fly.

Flies like to use specific breeding grounds. Uncovered rubbish is one of their favourite locations, but they’re also attracted to litter trays and dirty dishes.

Start by giving your home a thorough clean. Without sufficient breeding materials, the flies will go elsewhere. This is basic cleanliness and you have full control over it.

Get into a habit of cleaning your home each time you make a mess. Clean the dishes straight after dinner, take the rubbish out to the main outdoor bin, and clean your pet’s dishes daily.

If the job is too big, call in the professionals for some additional help with dealing with flies.

Drain Flies

Rubbish is only one type of breeding material. Although we can’t always remove the potential for rubbish in our homes, we can remove other sites where flies like to gather.

Standing water a perfect place for drain flies to breed and live. It’s why liquids that form from rotting garbage often attack drain flies. Remove the potential for any water building up. Make sure your bin is covered and has no holes in. Whenever any liquid seeps out, flies won’t have access to it.

Attack Them

Now that we’ve gone over the various prevention techniques for flies, it’s time to go on the attack. Pick up some commercial fly spray and spray it around your rubbish. They’ll still be attracted to it, but the fumes will kill them.

Whenever you use fly spray, make sure nobody else in your house is going to have a bad reaction to it. Aerosol sprays can cause allergies to flare up, and they certainly aren’t suitable for pets.

Fly paper is another useful option. You could hang some fly paper near where you keep your rubbish. A few strips will be more than enough to deal with the majority of flies. Simply hang it up, leave it, then dispose of it the next day. You don’t have to waste your time on swatting them.

A Word on Spiders

Let spiders flourish in your home. These harmless creatures are natural predators of the fly and will keep them away. Spiders don’t cause any hygiene problems, and although they might look terrifying, they’re highly useful creatures to have in the home.

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