Top Things That Will Absolutely Ruin Your Property

If you’re house proud then you may find yourself getting upset about the tiniest things. Perhaps a slight smudge on your wallpaper will set you off, or maybe you’ll be upset because the house doesn’t look as tidy as it could when people are coming around.

These are tiny issues though. The problems are the ones that impact on huge areas of your property and that make it not only les pleasant to look at, but also less healthy and safe to spend time in. These are the problems that ruin properties. on and we’ll look at some of the culprits for destroying your home.


An infestation is what happens when you get any kind of vermin or inset in your home. Often these critters will set up camp in your attic or loft, and will then proceed to chew through wires and insulation, to nasty smells and to die leaving behind their rotting corpses. Once you get an infestation they are often incredibly difficult to get rid of and can quickly spread and get worse. They’re not good for your health at all and if you’re squeamish then just the idea of having bugs or rodents in your home is going to be pretty off-putting.


Mold has a lot in common with an infestation of vermin. For one, once you have the issue it is prone to spreading quickly and covering more of your home. At the same time, if you have mold in your home it will damage not just the look of your premises, but also the smell of them and even your health as it can cause you to inhale mold spores – known for causing asthma, and eczema.

If you notice early of mold, then act quickly to get mold removal.

Water Damage

Water damage can very quickly cause a number of problems for your home that are pretty difficult to undo. Firstly, water can damage a lot of your documents right away as well as your furniture and other belongings if you have a flood. At the same time though, water will steal energy from the air around it and evaporate. This leaves your premises feeling damp and much colder than they previously would have been – both of which lead to other problems including the above mentioned mold…

Water damage then can often lead to a spiralling of problems, and is something that you need to address early for damage control.


A surprising problem that can destroy your property is having a tree grow too large too near to your property. The issue this can cause however, is that those roots start to push through your floor and walls and damage the structure of your property. Best case scenario this leads to cracks forming in your walls – worst case it leads to your roof caving in!

Of course a large tree can also potentially fall and destroy your home that , and it isn’t particularly great in terms of letting light get to your windows either…

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Jennie Peters, the author of this article, works with Care Master, reputable providers of storm damage remediation services. Whenever Jennie gets time; she volunteers at the local homeless shelter.

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