Why Is Wicker So Popular For Bathroom And Outdoor Items?

21" X 34" Bamboo...Generally speaking, when you add to a humid and moist environment you tend to get warped wood and peeling laminate. It’s for this reason that when people are looking to outfit their and recreational areas, they choose as their furniture of choice. That’s because it is a durable, strong, and easy to clean surface that wears well, looks great, and holds a surprisingly heavy load for such a light-weight . If you are looking to outfit and update your bed and bath and outdoor furnishings, wicker makes for an attractive and affordable option.

Four Reasons Why Wicker is so

One of the most attractive features of wicker is its lightweight nature. Wicker is not a substance, but rather a process of weaving a material, typically rattan. is a vine like plant from the tropics, but wicker is often fashioned from bamboo or reed as well. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to manipulate, and that allows for it to be moved into the confined spaces found in most bathrooms. Also, its relative portability allows for easy setup and storage for usage in the backyard, so has become a ubiquitous presence in American bathrooms and storage sheds throughout North America.


As a result of its beautiful natural fiber, wicker furniture projects an air of understated elegance that can highlight and or . As opposed to conventional wood veneer or plastic furniture, the natural magnificence of the wood comes through to make a home décor statement that would be otherwise unattainable with another type of wood or finish. Available in multiple of colors, your wicker becomes an extension of your decorating taste and can serve to tie a room or outdoor space together.


The fibrous nature of wicker furnishings makes for a strong piece of furniture that can support a sizable weight and is extremely impervious to the elements. This longevity makes purchasing a rattan wicker chair, table, or hampers a sensible investment. As mentioned, the weather outside or the damp environments found in most bathrooms can wreck havoc on other forms of furniture.

Cost Effective…

Several factors make wicker furniture a cost effective alternative. Because of the longevity that is afforded by this durable type of furniture, the long life span of your wicker furniture will ensure that you get your money’s worth. More to the point, although some pieces can certainly fetch a pretty penny on the furniture showroom, the perennial popularity of the line has led to a large demand that translates into excellent buying opportunities for those looking to outfit the space around their outdoor fire pit.

Easy Maintenance…

One of the nice things about working with a natural material like rattan is that it’s very easy to clean. Returning it to the natural luster that caused you to buy it in the first place is as easy as wiping it down with a damp rag. You will be amazed by how easy it is to remove dirt, dust, and stains that would normally call for hours of waxing, staining, and refinishing with another type of material.


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