Oak Furniture – Why It’s The Best Choice For Your Home

One of the joys of becoming an adult is furnishing your own house in your own style, but something that you quickly come to realise is that not all modern furniture is built to last. You realise this with startling clarity when you go to place a book or DVD back on your bookcase and realise that the backing is coming away, of that the veneer is chipped and that is when you know why your parents and most of the adults you know seemed to save up and wait for the perfect piece of expensive oak furniture to become available – they were built to last.

Oak Furniture

Oak furniture is a more solid than the veneered MDF and plywood backed furniture that is sold now, though of course you can still buy the more solid pieces of furniture, new or antique, but you have to remember that you are investing in the furniture. But what an investment it is, when you think about the fact that solid oak furniture can often last for 200 years developing nothing more than a few scratches and a darkening of its varnish.

Modern Pieces

Modern pieces are still made today, often in fashions that are being bought back in to vogue, for example the Toulouse style oak furniture that is becoming available now is beautifully carved. One of the wonderful things about wooden furniture like ours at www.lightsandfurniture.co.uk is that it is already made – you ’t have to struggle with losing screws and creating cracks and fractures by tightening them in an attempt to be thorough.

Instead the furniture is often dovetailed together, creating a snug fit, better support and you have no worries about rust or screw caps falling out, becoming lost or spoiling the look of the furniture. As each piece is individually made and put together by workers you will also notice that there are less imperfections, in fact the few that you may find tend to be whorls or knots in the wood and add character to the piece.

Older Pieces

Finding oak furniture or even antique furniture isn’t as hard as you may think, in fact if you don’t mind a doing a little work yourself such as sanding and varnishing you can usually pick up older pieces for a small amount at garage sales, wholesale lots or estate sales. Frequently people will offer up pieces on sites like Gumtree simply because they don’t want to have to deal with moving the larger pieces of furniture.

This is a huge mistake in my book, you’re sure to get years and years of use a good solid piece of oak furniture, so it’s often worth a little trouble to move it with you. Let’s not forget the aesthetics either – carved wooden furniture be it Toulouse or Queen

Anne is beautiful to look at and can add elegance and charm to any room.

Though they are beautiful is left varnished, painting them in candy or bold colours can often give the piece a new lease on life and can help them tie a room together – let’s not forget that the paint can always be stripped and the wood varnished or repainted if you want to change your colour scheme.

Though you may be drawn to the cheap, quick solutions for your furniture, it is often better to scout out some long lived Oak furniture for its beauty, function and its ability to take some hard knocks and stay standing!

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By Cormac Reybolds

Cormac Reynolds is a lover of beautiful wood and great furniture. He’s written for a variety of furniture blogs.

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