Rockler Rolling Utility Ladder System

Step by step installation of a , using a kit available from . For more, check out my website at
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Rockler 1/4” Dowel Drilling Jig Kit

Jig Includes Drill Bit, Stop Collar, and Stop Collar Wrench for Added Convenience!

An incredibly affordable doweling jig for those who want a quick joint without the fussy layout.
Rockler Doweling Jigs are transparent, you need only set the two parts together, strike a line across the face of the joint and line up the jig.
Made to last with a 3/16″ acrylic faces and hardened steel drill guides.
1/4″ guide has holes spaced 3/4″-on-center.

Also Available from Rockler:

Rockler 3/8″ Dowel Drilling Jig
Rockler 1/2″ Dowel Drilling Jig

Technical Details:

Delivers a quick joint setup in just a moment of time
No need to transfer marks from the face to the edge, or measure and mark with a tape measure
Simply set your two parts together, strike a line across the face of the joint and line up the jig
Made to last with a 3/16″ acrylic face and hardened steel drill guides
1/4″ guide has holes spaced 3/4″-on-center
Jig is designed to center dowel holes on 1/2″ thick stock.

Drill Bit
Stop Collar and Stop Collar Wrench
List Price: $ 17.99
Price: $ 17.99

Rockler on Amazon:

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Question by Bobby Joe: Any information on how can I purchase a machine (or machines) that makes wood baseball bats ?

Best answer:

Answer by rangers fan ♥ vote hamilton
Thats gonna cost you a few thousand dollars.

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    • frazzled girl
    • March 2, 2014

    it’s called a wood lathe. try machine shops they might be able to tell you where to get a used one. or a wood worker

    • saginawcomic
    • March 2, 2014

    You might be able to get a lathe at an auction.

    • bill k
    • March 2, 2014
    You can get lathes other places, but here they also have blanks to make the bats with.
    You’ll also need tools
    here’s a summary of the process

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