Woodworking Safety Habits

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Unsafe Wood TurningEvery woodworker knows they should follow safety rules, but do they always do it?

I’ve had enough close calls in my time that I have learned to try and make safety a habit. Case in point: not long ago, I was replacing a screw in a door hinge. In the process of driving the new screw into the hinge, a portion of the Phillips-head bit snapped off and hit me in the face about half an inch outside of my left eye, just below the eyebrow. It was a quick job, so I didn’t grab safety glasses before starting. One half an inch toward the center and I might’ve lost an eye.

This example stresses the importance of always wearing safety glasses, wearing appropriate clothing, and ear plugs, even when you’re just doing a quick task. Develop good Woodworking Safety Habits and your chances of being injured drop dramatically.

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