Norwich Homes go for £200,000+ so get your Bathroom Fixed!

Samode Palace hotel bathroom
Samode Palace hotel bathroom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The previous owner of my house built my bathroom some time in the seventies.  I have always thought that the bathroom is a completely functional place and never put much store in people who want to spend thousands of pounds making the bathroom look like the interior of a spaceship.  However I now find myself looking to sell my house.  This puts a whole new light on things.  Suddenly I have to consider what people think when they walked into my house and see leaking taps, old and tired looking sinks and showers, and a truly awful colour scheme.  It has now dawned on me that my bathroom is the biggest obstacle to selling my house at the price that I want.

The perils of to be a DIY plumber

I have tried my hand at being a DIY plumber in the .  From mending shower heads to identifying leaking pipes in my central heating. Every time I tried to fix it I would subsequently have to find a local plumber in Norwich to then fix all of the work which I had done wrong. The problem here is in all of the time that I wasted trying to do the work myself, and also the money that the plumber was forced to charge me above his normal rates, due to the fact that I had created significantly more work for him to rectify the problems that I had created.

The Plumber
The Plumber (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Expensive bills and lost time!

So now the very thought of replacing or repairing my own bathroom fills me with dread. In my current circumstances however, it is easier to justify spending the money on a new bathroom in Norwich because it is directly linked to the amount of money that I will get for my home.  Although I see bathrooms as a purely functional environment I know enough about human nature to be confident that if I can give a good impression on prospective buyers by having a really clean smart and tidy bathroom, then my chances of getting a good sale at a price that I want are significantly increased.

Get your bathroom sorted out to encourage buyers to make offers

However if I take the view that my faulty central heating with a gas boiler which only works when it wants to (coupled with my tatty bathroom, leaking taps and shower which is desperately in need of repair), is something which prospective buyers will be to overlook, then I would be in for a long and drawn out sale process I am sure.

I have therefore taken the bold step of looking through the various local Norwich bathroom fitters and calling one who specialises in new bathrooms and they will be creating my one  next week.  Fortunately this plumber also work with gas boilers and central heating systems.  This means that within the next 3 weeks my house In Norwich should be ready for buyers to view it.

plumbing is finished
plumbing is finished (Photo credit: kohtzy)

The solution? Get in a professional plumber in to do your bathroom

When you think of the average cost of a house in Norwich (which at the moment is £200,000) the expenditure which I am undertaking makes a lot of sense. Instead of still being sat in my house in 6 months time with leaking taps, burst pipes and a faulty boiler in need of a service, I hope to be in my new home having sold this one.  My advice for you is when you are looking at selling your house, your priority should be to look at your bathroom and if it needs repairing or new facilities put in then get it done. It is well documented that is one of the major rooms which goes to decide if a buyer will go on to make an offer.

Author bio: Garry Smith is a local freelance blogger in Norwich specialising in home improvement and DIY, in particularly for plumbers and bathroom installers.

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