Impress Your Clients And Customers By Improving The Decor Of Your Company

Indoor Fountain
Indoor Fountain (Photo : IslesPunkFan)

An indoor water fountain is a large expense. It’s an expense that you might be considering staying away from, but it can make all the difference within your company. Even a small fountain in the reception area could completely transform your business. We you with some of the reasons why.

Splendour and Awe

Whenever a client walks through your door, you them to be enamoured with your business. To do this, you need something that’s going to stand out in their minds. Few companies invest in their own buildings like this, so it’s going to stick out in their minds.

With any business meeting, the average visitor will only remember one or two things. If they can’t remember the brand directly, use the fountain to remind them of it. It’s such a rare sight that it’s bound to work.


It’s important to make sure everything is completely tranquil in your reception area. Those who’re visiting you might have travelled long distances. They might be preparing to make a big presentation to you. An indoor fountain with its little drips and drops will help to ease their worries and concerns.

You won’t see them telling you how glad they are that you had this fountain, but the effect is there. It’s a subtle way of saying to someone you care about their needs. It’s unspoken yet so effective.

English: The IQAir Air Purification System (Sw...
IQAir Air Purification (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Air Purification

Did you know that indoor water fountains also have a number of health benefits associated with them?

One of these benefits is air purification. Water is a polar molecule, which means it can attract dirt particles from the air. Dirt is literally drawn into the fountain and purified. The air will be cleaner and you can show how you’re doing your part for the environment.

It’s also ideal if you work in an industry that involves lots of dust and dirt. For example, a garage might have its workshop next door to its main administrative building. The fountain would stop the dirt particles from next door from making it into the administration area.

It’s little things like this that can make or break your business.

The Ice Breaker

Even when you’ve scheduled a meeting with someone, it can be hard to break the ice. Awkward silences are difficult to recover from. Unless you want to stick to idle comments about the weather, let the fountain do the work for you. The sound of running water cuts through the still air and creates an atmosphere that’s contusive to freely conversing with others.

The Right Impression and Business

Overall, the benefits displayed on this page focus primarily on how you appear to your customers. It’s an indirect, passive style of marketing that gives your business an added boost just before important meetings and visits.

Ultimately, the extra business you get by having this sort of advantage over your competitors will only lead to more business and larger margins. In just a few years, the extra business alone could pay for your new water feature.

Phillip Riley is the brain behind this wonderful article. He is a successful entrepreneur and a passionate philanthropist. He has shares his love for life and adventure through his articles. He recently purchased a magnificent display fountain from Aquabatics to enhance the look of his office.

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