Planting Container Gardens

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Container are a good option for those who want to have a flower garden, but do not have the space for a flower bed. Container are also good for those who may have the room for a regular flower bed, but want some flowers in other locations, such as a patio, or a corner of the yard away from a bed.  Obviously the first thing that you’ll need for a is a container. Practically anything that will hold can be used as a . You can choose something like a terra cotta flower pot or ceramic container that you can find at your local gardening store or you can choose something more unusual. If you want something unique, your options for containers are almost unlimited. Whatever container you choose, just be sure that it will drain water. A few holes drilled into the bottom should suffice.

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A container garden can be used to add your own unique touch to your garden; you just have to choose a container that reflects your personality. For a slightly whimsical garden, you can use an old watering can for a container garden, or perhaps an old bowl and pitcher. For something even more unique, you can let your imagination run wild. A pair of boots, an old claw foot bathtub, or even a toilet can be turned into interesting container gardens. Once you have your container, you need to fill it with soil, and start planting. You may want to put some landscaping fabric in the bottom of the container to prevent the drainage holes from getting clogged with soil. If your container is large, you may want to partially fill the container with empty water bottles, or Styrofoam peanuts, and then fill the rest of the container with soil. This will reduce the weight, and make it easier to move your container garden if you want it in a different location.

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When choosing plants for your container garden, you can either choose plants with contrasting colors and textures, or plants with complimentary colors. Try to vary the size of the plants in the container. something tall in the center of the container, or in the back of the container if it will be against a wall or a fence. In front of this, use a smaller for some variety. Along the edge of the container, use plants that will spill over the side. This three layered planting method provides some interest to the garden. You don’t necessarily need to follow the planting instructions exactly. If you are using annuals in your container garden, you can pack them together, since they will not have the chance to grow and spread. Just give them some room to spread, but do not leave gaps. A container garden is ideal for adding a touch of color to a corner of a patio or yard. You can even it several times a year, using different flowers for different growing seasons. With the right container, your garden can even reflect your own unique personality, making your garden your own.

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