The Safety Precautions You Need To Take When Cutting Down A Tree

If you’re planning on tackling that tree that has been blocking out your sunlight for what seems like an age then you’re going to need to know the basics in cutting it down safely. In fact, even if you have a small tree to chop down, you’ll still need to follow a few precautions if you’re to avoid the common accidents involved in tree work.

Having the right equipment is essential if you’re to tackle even the most modest of sized trees. Here’s a quick run down on what you’ll need:

Hard hat

Whilst many think that a hard hat is going overboard in the health and safety stakes, it’s far from unnecessary when working with trees. Cutting down trees of any size means that they’ll be falling branches, and so protecting your head (as well as your eyes) is essential.

Chain saw trousers

If you’re planning on using a chain saw then you’ll ideally need chain saw trousers which will help protect your legs in case of a slip or mishap whilst operating it. These trousers are lined with Kevlar, which, for those that don’t know, is the material that’s used in police bullet proof vests Ó stock a good selection

Chainsaw boots

With any manual work wearing work boots is advisable not only where there’s a risk of dropping equipment onto your feet; but also where there’s a risk of stepping on sharp objects.

Lowering equipment when necessary

If you’re working with another person then you’ll both need to be aware of where the other person is at all times, particularly when you’re working above in the tree. If you need to lower equipment to the person below then you should use lowering ropes, rather than handing, or worse still, throwing the equipment down.

Using the right cut to ensure the branch falls properly

Cutting your branches at the right angle is essential if you’re to avoid unpredictable branches that could cause injury to other persons or property.

Having two points of anchor for your climbing rope

If you’re climbing properly you’ll be climbing using ropes to ensure that you’re safe; having two ropes that are secured means that, should one snap, you have a backup.

Knowing your limitations

If you’re dealing with a large tree then you need to know that they’ll be limitations as to what you can do. Whilst many feel that tree surgery services are expensive, it must be remembered that they are fully qualified professionals, and you’re paying not just for their time but also for their expertise. In short, you shouldn’t any chances; if you’re at all uncertain, if you think it’s too big to handle, then it very probably is!

Falcon industrial PPE and work wear supply all the necessary items to help you cut down your tree safely, from hard hats to robust work boots. They also stock hundreds of other items that will help you with even the most demanding of manual tasks.

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