Reviewing: SHOP FOX W1702 3 HP Shaper

SHOP FOX W1702 3 HP Shaper

SHOP FOX W1702 3 HP Shaper
This full capacity 3 HP Shaper will handle the smallest profile cutters all the way up to the largest panel cutters with its three spindle sizes, 3-inches spindle travel and 5-1/2-inch maximum spindle opening. Two reversible speeds also provide the greatest flexibility for arranging cutters of all sizes. So, no matter what the shaping application is, whether it’s simple edge profiling or making door stiles, rails and panels, this is the right machine for the job Features of the W1702 include a precision-ground cast iron table and a magnetic switch with thermal overload protection (view larger). Shaping Projects Made Simple Cut a variety of shapes with ease using the Shop Fox W1702 shaper from Woodstock International. Part of the company’s line of woodworking machines, the W1702 is suitable for a number of shaping applications, whether it’s simple edge profiling or making door stiles, rails, or panels. It comes with 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, and 1-inch spindles and has a precision-ground cas

  • Heavy-duty miter gauge
  • Table height: 34-1/4-Inch
  • Spindle travel: 3-Inch
  • Maximum cutter Diameter: 5-1/2-Inch
  • Router bit spindles: accepts 1/4-Inch and 1/2-Inch

List Price: $ 1,292.00

Price: $ 1,355.82

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  1. Sam A. Loof "Not"
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Shop Fox vs. Grizzly, January 15, 2009
    Although the differences in the Shop Fox and the Grizzly (G1026) are minimal the “upgrade” to the Shop Fox is probably worth the difference ($70 at the Grizzly Showroom).
    The Shop Fox fence and integrated dust collection port are superior to the Grizzly. The Shop Fox is all cast iron and is moveable with the turn of a knob. The Grizzly is welded steel and cast iron w/o the knob for the large fence moves. You also have to purchase separately the dust collection hood for the Grizzly.
    The miter slot on the Shop Fox is a T-slot, whereas on the Grizzly it is a straight-sided slot.


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  2. gus "gusser33"
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    very functional machine, January 17, 2008

    I searched high and low for a machine that was reasonable and American made. There were none made in the USA which i found frustrating. So, i went looking. Of course, the $3,000 machines had a better finish and look but honestly, this is a little beast. It will do anything that i want it to. I have a small shop and i wanted two units so i wouldn’t have to change bits when making cabinet. Think aboat it. by the time you buy the router, the fence, the router table and the top you are in over a grand anyway, so why not just buy the machine that is made for the job. You can’t go wrong with this unit. It is sold at, in my opinion, a decent price and it is guranteed for two years.


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  3. Micscience

    I understand you would like some progress done but try not to let those
    little things get to you because in all honesty it’s those little pet
    peeves that create the most stress. At least the sheetrock wasn’t hacked
    from what I can see. There are those who like to rush rush rush and all you
    get is sloppy work like a bunch of screw misses and blow outs. So far it
    looks really good. I personally really like the way the outlet boxes are
    arranged. Looks really neat.

  4. Austin DenHerder

    Here is this weeks update..

  5. palmer3977

    what should the mud contractors do, leave the job they are on un finished
    to come to you, just to keep you happy, I always say to the customer that I
    have to delay, !if it was your job I was on, would you let me leave to go
    to another job, just because the start date for that job was 2 days ago

  6. Chris Bramell

    What is thE reason for only two windows? Cost, structural support? Just
    would of thought more natural light the better

  7. Austin DenHerder

    Yes now I can now that I have got moved from Alaska.

  8. Austin DenHerder

    Yes I want to very bad but then it would take even longer. So I will not
    hire them again for sure…

  9. Austin DenHerder

    Thanks Guy! What it is: It is two legs of 120 which is 240. The term 220 is
    two legs of 110 and so on. Most new homes have 120-122volts for your basic
    outlet. As for your 220-240volt outlets.

  10. Austin DenHerder

    Yes drives me nuts!

  11. Austin DenHerder

    I have 4 windows & the garage door has windows in it. I just ordered
    another panel of windows for above the garage door. & no not money was the
    reason but people looking in at what I have for them to take. The bottom
    window on the garage door is about 7 ft. So for them to look in they would
    haft to come all the way into my back yard to see in through the lower
    windows. I will show the front of the shop in my next video upload.
    Shooting video helps when no window just inside daylight bulbs.

  12. Rex Chong

    Why don’t you put it several skylights?

  13. I Build It Home

    Nice shop! Wow, it’s BIG! I’ve been a subcontractor for many years and
    never say I’ll be there when I won’t. Most others do, though, just to avoid
    getting badgered. Not the best way to do things, for sure.

  14. Austin DenHerder

    Did you view it in 1080p & yes we are learning our new Gopro HD set up when
    I get all moved in I will be using it and this camera is a HD one I will
    need to look at the settings again. Thanks… It looks real sharp in 1080
    please explain what you are referring to that would help make it better…

  15. Austin DenHerder

    Most 12/2 wire supports a 20amp breaker and a 14/2 supports a 15amp
    breaker. so as the 240 breakers may vary a little like you have 10/2 wire
    and can have a double pole 20 amp or 30 amp or a 40 amp breaker. here is
    where you look at the motor size you are using and if the motor says 240 at
    16.7 amp you can use a D-20amp & if it says it is 26.2 amp then a 30 amp so
    on hope that helps..

  16. Kevin Oakes

    I hate those mudder frackers

  17. Guy Bradbury

    Austin, what is the advantage of 240amps over 220 or 230? How do you make
    the determination regarding too much or too little power, and how does it
    affect the machines, motor?

  18. KenzieLeroux

    dude, you should invest in a better camera. i feel like your videos to come
    are going to deserve better quality. nice work

  19. Austin DenHerder

    We have way to much snow and it messes up the lighting…

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