How to Decode Lawn Mower Ratings

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Before looking for a lawn mower to purchase, many people research different types and brands of lawn mowers. In response to this type of research, many sites and consumer groups offer lawn mower rating. However, these ratings can vary widely between different sites. In order to trust a lawn mower rating you have to find one that is creating the ratings based on the right criteria.

What is Important to You?

There are many areas where lawn mowers differ from each other. Each of these areas carries a different level of to different consumers. One consumer might hold safety as a higher priority than ease of use. Others may hold environmental aspects above all others. Each of these priorities can affect a lawn mower rating. They key is finding the right source of information. This means finding a source that has the same values and priorities that you have.

Are you interested in Zero Turn Lawn Mowers? What is the Best Riding Lawn Mower?

Do all those John Deere Lawn Mowers commercials really grab your interest?

Would you settle for one of the Cheaper Mowers, or perhaps one of  the Used Lawn Mowers on Craigslist would suit your needs? ItR7;s up to you to decide on your own priorities, and not follow the dictates of everyone else.


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Understanding Safety Ratings

One of the areas that many people view as important is safety. For instance, some mowers have a mechanism that stops the mower blades of a riding mower when the mower is put into reverse. This is a safety device that is not standard with all riding lawn mowers. So, for someone who values safety, this mower might be ranked higher than a mower that does not have this feature and instead is faster. Good places to find ratings that value safety are consumer protection sites and safety sites.

Convenience and Ease of Use

One of the most important areas for the general population will be convenience and ease of use. For most people, we want an item that is easy to use and doesn’t take too much time and effort. The sites that would have the best lawn mower rating system for convenience would be sites where consumers rate items based on their experiences with the mower. There are many of these types of sites being developed all of the time, so it isn’t hard to find.

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How Green Should You Go?

Another area that people are becoming increasingly concerned with is environmental protection aspects. People are realizing that everyone can do their in saving the world. In this case, they want a product that is going to good for the earth, air, and water rather than the easiest mower to operate. A great place to look for a lawn mower rating with environmental consideration are websites like the EPA’s website and other non-profit agencies devoted to fighting pollution.

Avoiding Break-Downs

When it comes to reliability, there isn’t anything we value higher. No one wants a lawn mower that is environment friendly, safe, and convenient, if it doesn’t work. For this reason, most sites will take reliability into consideration even if they do not state so on their website. You can safely assume that mowers with a high lawn mower rating are going to be fairly reliable.

Though having a lawn mower rating is a great tool to help you find the right lawn mower for you, don’t use a rating as a substitute for your own judgment.

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