Tips for Using a Portable Sawmill

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July 4th, 2013 by

Editor's Note: Sandor Nagyszalanczy is the author of the article "Portable Sawmills: Lumber from Local Trees" in the July/August 2013 issue of Woodworker's Journal. Find out more about that article, plus lots more great content, here.

Salvaging a dead or dying tree, or logs that a power company or homeowner have cut, and milling them into useful lumber is a very satisfying experience here. Spring is here, so get out to the woodworking shop and build a birdhouse! Be creative! Birds don’t care what they look l…
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14 Responses to “Tips for Using a Portable Sawmill”

  1. Carl Jacobson

    Great video Steve, the birdhouse looks awesome.

    Take care, Carl

  2. Cool Tool Shed Woodworking

    Great stuff Steve! Very creative!

  3. Ed Rivera

    These are the kind of woodworking creative craft projects I like to do when
    I’m not making a cabinet or bench lol. Love it! Good job Steve. Really

  4. John Heisz

    Original! Really liked the way you made the kick drum.

  5. Rock-n H Woodshop

    Never seen this before. Way to take a spin on an idea. Glad that thing
    won’t be outside. Way too nice. Great job! Loved the editing too!

  6. Jay Bates

    Nice music syncing! Great project man. You’re always so creative.

  7. Steve French

    Yeahhhhh, that’s cool as hell! This would be an awesome shelf item. But
    what a creative and unique bird house idea. I love the band name too! Your
    projects are always quite interesting and inspiring. A huge thumbs up from

  8. Drunken Woodworker

    Personally I would have had the cymbals hang by chains. Queensryche style.

    Great project!

  9. Wooden Tool Man

    Very cool project. You also did a nice job editing. I like how the beat
    matched up with the air nails. Must have taken a while to line up.

  10. Jacob Laurin

    Really cool!!

  11. Bill Akins

    That is one cool birdhouse Steve. Great job.

  12. Chris Pine

    Very cool Steve! Love the originality!

  13. Sparrow Bachman

    Looks like you got a surprisingly clean cut with the band saw going around
    the big drum.

    Umm Blue Birds instead of Sparrows……should I take that as a direct slap
    in the face?…LOL

  14. WOWayne325

    Cool dude! You can send it to WS Holland!

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