The Job Is All About The Prep: Getting Ready For A Snow Guard Installation

Swooshable Planning

The difference between a successful project and a failure, especially when it comes to home improvement, is the amount of planning that you put in to the project before you started the work.  Proper planning can make even the most difficult jobs a snap, but you to have a so you do not approach the work blindly.  Snow guards are meant to be something that homeowners can install on their own, and they are something that any home with a metal roof desperately needs.  These steps will help you get started on a successful snow guard installation on your own roof.

Finding The Product

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The first thing that you have do is find the right product.  An internet search will help you narrow down some of your choices, but there are some general things that you need to look for in your snow guard system to make sure that it will work for your home.  The best designs are triangular, as this helps to spread the weight of the snow and distributes the pressure of the snow across the entire unit.  Try to stay away from guards that are too wide, as they will hold back so much snow that they can actually be more dangerous than they are helpful.  You should also check to see if the snow guard company has units that will fit well on the seams of the roof, as these are the weakest points of the roof and they need a lot of extra support.  Start your search with companies like Sno Shield and you will find what you are looking for.

Gathering The Right Tools

Once you have the snow guards in hand it is time to start gathering the right tools to do the installation.  You are going to need a good ladder to get up to the roof and one that you can work on for the guards that go nearest to the eave of the home.  The job also requires the use of some alcohol wipes to keep the working area clean and to ensure that there is a good bond between the guard and your roof.  To put the units on the roof you need a bonding agent.  Surebond is the go to adhesive in this situation, as they specialize in outdoor use and adhesives for metal to metal projects.  Finally, make sure that you have at least a cheap caulking gun on hand to get the adhesive out of the tube and on to the places where you need it to go.

Time is a Tickin'
Time is a Tickin’ (Photo credit: im elsewhere)

Starting At The Right Time

You can then start the work, but you need to do it at the right time.  You do not have to wait for summer or even spring to roll around before you install the snow guards, but you do have some restrictions about when you do the work.  You do not want to be on the roof when it is very hot or very cold, because that will make the metal very hard to work on.  At the same time, you want the weather to be dry and you want the roof to be dry, so the moisture in the air does not adversely affect the adhesive that you are going to use.  Be sure that you set aside enough time to go through the project from start to finish, as this will create a more uniform installation and you will not have to get motivated to do the work more than once.

You can do your own snow guard installations with the proper planning.  These tips should help to get you on the right path and make your installation project a success.

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I am Morgan Lions and I have been a roofer for eleven years.  I wrote this article to show homeowners how easy snow guard installations can be.

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