5 Questions to Ask Before Calling a Professional Plumber

A Plumber at work.
Plumber at work. (Credit: Wikipedia)

What are Your Limits?

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Many plumbing issues can be repaired by the homeowner including those with little in the way of mechanical ability. The problem is, as with most home repair projects, is that the owner may over-estimate their abilities and cause more problems than they started with as well as spending a large amount of money to finish the task correctly. This article will allow you to gain enough knowledge to know when you should consider calling in a professional plumber. Obviously there are some instances, drips and toilets that overflow, that can be repaired by the homeowner but there are many where you need to pick up a phone instead of a wrench. Continue reading to discover the questions you need to ask yourself before undertaking a plumbing repair.

Money cash
Money cash (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Can You Afford It?

Before you begin any project, you review the costs of parts and account for how much time it will take. When it comes to plumbing you should also consider the costs of failure. This means if you choose to install a water heater but improperly connect the piping, how much are the costs of water damage going to be? If the is gas and needs a flue, what are the costs to one’s health if it is not placed at the correct able to pipe fumes outside? In addition to damages, you now have additional costs for repairs. of these factors should be considered and compared to the quote of a plumber who guarantees their work. If the costs are less for the pro, then you certainly need to go in that direction.

Prehistoric bull in a china shop
Bull in a china shop (Credit: Darwin Bell)

A Bull in a China Shop?

As you make a plumbing repair you need to consider if you are making the problem worse. Maybe you have a leaking pipe and decided to cut away part of the floor and a large section that needs to be fitted with new pipe, Have you just added two new weak points or damaged a section of the structure that didn’t need to be torn out as a pipe patch would have done the trick and lasted until a pro could make a quick permanent repair without tearing up the floor at all? You need to focus on the picture as you analyze the situation and decide if you are doing more harm than good.

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Have You Read the Book?

You should ask yourself is a manual or printed repair guide will help. In all honesty, unless you are a pro, you should have some sort of guide in front of you to follow closely to reduce any risks. It certainly will not help you do a major plumbing job as it is simply too risky to try without plumbing experience but a manual will ensure you stay on the path to repairing many minor issues as well as give you an idea if you can do it yourself. WmRogers_guarantee

Are You Guaranteed?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself before tearing into a plumbing project. You need to remember the financial costs of not only the repair but also any issues you may create. Plumbers their work and will offer a quote for the repair meaning the total costs are known upfront whereas a self-repair may lead to more financial responsibility. Weigh the answers out and you will be able to choose which direction to take when it comes to your next plumbing repair.

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  1. Great tips Wally. The “can you afford it?” question is a good one. We recommend calling around and getting as many quotes as possible before buying.

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