5 Reasons to Love an Old Fashioned Reel Mower

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With all of the technology out there why would anyone use an old reel mower? Well, actually there are a lot of die hard fans of this old fashioned machinery. This is why you still see new models of the mower coming out today. Compared with a mower, it really comes out on top. When compared to an electric motor, it offers many of the same benefits.

Reduced Emissions

One of the most important reasons to use a reel mower is the preservation of the environment. Our air quality keeps getting worse and worse. Unless we want our children to walk to school wearing gas masks and SPF 5000, we need to do something today. One thing we can do is reduce our harmful emissions. A gas powered mower sends these harmful emissions straight into your lungs as well as the air. Electric powered mowers are also a nice alternative, but there are still a couple reasons for choosing a push mower.

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Lighter Weight

Another reason to choose the reel mower is the size and weight of the mower. These mowers tend to be lighter than even the electric mowers. These mowers are great for people who do not have a large enough yard to warrant an electric motor. In addition, the blades on the reel mower tend the cut the grass differently than other types of mowers that just rip the grass. In first aid, you learn that a cut that a clean cut will heal much faster than a tear. This is the same with grass which will be healthier with the push mower than when mowed with another type of mower.

Less Maintenance

With electric and gas powered mowers, you must perform maintenance on the mower. This can consist of plug replacements, gasoline filling, battery replacement and the like. However, a reel mower requires virtually no maintenance at all. The only maintenance that might come is sharpening of the blades or simple mechanical such as tightening a screw. You certainly don’t have to deal with engines, electricity.

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Reel mower (Photo credit: Gardening in a Minute)

Safety, Especially for Kids

Push mowers are also much safer than powered mowers. Injuries are going to be a lot less likely with a reel mower than a gas or electric powered one. This makes a push mower the ideal mower for a younger individual. For instance, riding lawn mowers require an individual be at least 16 years of age. However, a push mower can be operated by anyone responsible enough and strong enough to push the mower.

Of course, not everyone is capable of pushing a mower all day – youth and age can definitely be obstacles to overcome. If this is the case, you can look into Gas Powered Reel Mowers or Pull Behind Reel Mowers that attach to a tractor.

Ease of Use

think that push mowers are harder to operate than powered mowers. However, this is not exactly true with the newer models. Today’s models are better designed and are not very hard at all. In fact, many people remember pushing a mower when they were young kids. If they could push one of the older models when they were a kid, just imagine how easy it would be today.

The truth is a reel mower is great alternative to other mowers. You just have to be willing to give it a try.

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