What’s Your Species: Component Makers Tell Their Favorites

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Photo: Parker ConverseAmboyna. With so many varieties to choose from, selecting a favorite wood species can be a difficult undertaking. Participants' choices this year ranged from exotic to reclaimed, offering a diverse list of woods, popular for components, furniture and cabinetry.

Exotic Amboyna Burl

Sarasota, FL-based custom woodworker Parker Converse is well known for his sculpted rocking chairs, which can cost from $ 5,000-$ 30,000 each. Converse chose amboyna burl as his favorite.

Photo: Parker ConverseAmboyna. "Many covet it but except for a few turners not many know much about it," said Converse. "I had the good fortune several years ago to have a patron who wanted two

'over the top' chairs. I purchased a 950 pound burl in California that had come from Laos. It was dead green so it was a fascinating process bringing wet 8/4 wood down to 7% moisture content in just six weeks and then engineering the chairs so they wouldn't fall apart. I made three $ 30,000 chairs with it and have many great photos starting with the elephant that dragged it from the jungle all

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