5 Things You Should Know About Reproduction Door Knobs

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When decorating a home in a period style using reproduction adds the perfect finishing touch. Thanks to talented craftsmen there are many styles and finishes of reproductions available to suit your décor and personal taste.

1. Know YOUR Style

Knowing the style of the period you’re aiming to capture is your first step. For example, if you are decorating with a Victorian décor you can choose from high end cut crystal octagonal door knobs or similar glass knobs if budget is a factor. If you like bold statements, glass reproduction door knobs in vibrant colors such as cobalt blue or emerald green are available. For those who love antique details try a solid cast bronze door knob with intricate carvings.

2. Material Makes a Difference

Brown or white porcelain reproduction door knobs with a black shank are well suited to a Colonial, Federal or Victorian décor. For a Modern or Art Deco style try a solid cast brass reproduction door knob in an angular sea shell motif, popular during the Art Deco period. Just be sure to do a little research to confirm that the style and used is accurate to the period you want.

3. Understanding Costs

The budget is often a consideration when buying accents for your home. If money is an issue you can achieve the same look with a good quality, but less expensive line. The reproduction door knobs in an economy line will likely be stamped brass or brass plated. If money isn’t an issue go for the studier, heavy forged brass knobs. These will not only be more durable but you will have options when it comes to finishes and it will likely come with a high quality lock or latch.

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4. Conversion Style

Once you find the perfect reproduction door knobs you will have only one more, albeit very important, factor to consider. Reproduction door knob sets usually come in two styles; a conversion door set or a mortise lock set. If you are installing your door knobs in a new, pre-drilled door you will need a conversion door set to get the right fit. If there is existing hardware on an older door you will need to determine if you have a mortise lock or tubular latches.

5. Mortise Style

Modern doors use a cylindrical door latch that is installed into the edge of a door and is operated by a knob or lever via the spindle. A mortise lock is an old style box lock that is installed into a pocket located in the edge of the door. A Mortise lock has both the latch and dead bolt in one unit so you will need to make sure you order the correct type of reproduction door knobs to fit this type of door.

The perfect door knob can make or break the fine details when decorating in a specific period style. Get it wrong and your door knobs will clash but do a little research and you can add the ultimate finishing to your door with the correct reproduction door knobs.

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