Add a Minimal Care Evergreen Shrub to Your Landscaping

Shrubs (Photo credit: miki)

When you want to change the look of your landscape, you should consider adding a variety of shrubs to your garden. They can add color and a base to work with in your garden area.

The evergreen shrub, with many varieties and looks, will give you a great looking yard and it will require minimal care. The fact is the evergreen shrub is often of the most popular to choose when you are looking for a centerpiece for your yard as they will look great all year long.

Boxwood clipping with two-handed shears
Boxwood clipping with two-handed shears (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Boxwood

The evergreen shrub itself has many different varieties. One of the most popular is the boxwood shrub.

During the summer they are a spectacular green and toward the winter months, some will turn an orange color that is really a wonderful way to add some color to your yard during those dreary months. Of course, the boxwood itself comes in different varieties, as well.

Personally, I love these, but don’t “square” and turn them into hedges. I like a more rustic, naturalistic style – so I let them sprawl a bit. I do keep them pruned, but it more of a “ball” shape than anything else.

Rhododendrons and Azaleas

Azaleas, 50-years old as of 2003, in Luthervil...
Azaleas, 50-years old (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another variety of the evergreen shrub is the rhododendron. Again, this is just a sub-species and many are wonderfully colorful to make your yard beautiful almost anytime of the year. Generally, rhododendrons and azaleas are shade tolerant, so you can add them to areas with only partial sun. A few varieties tolerate full sun, but they do not like to be “cooked”.

If you are adamant on having an evergreen shrub, be careful to check the label as not all azaleas are evergreen. The evergreen azaleas are ones that turn a bronze or orange color during the winter months and in the spring they produce beautiful flowers of many different colors, depending on the variety.

You can have pink, red, , orange, and white azaleas and many often choose the different colors to add variety to their landscaping and when they are not in bloom, their waxy dark green leaves will look nice, too.

English: Hydrangea macrophylla - Hortensia hyd...
Hydrangea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The hydrangea is another evergreen shrub that is considered to be one of the most colorful in the spring and you’ll never know what color it will bloom. The color of the flower produced is depends upon the soil conditions. For example, if there is a low pH level, you may get blue flowers or a high one can produced pink flowers.

Again, there are different varieties of hydrangeas and you’ll find this evergreen shrub to be the of many people. You will, of course, want to check the label when purchasing to make sure it is of the evergreen variety.

Final Thoughts

The wonderful thing about the evergreen shrub is they are so easy to care for. Many do not require much watering, except during times of drought. Most will thrive in the full sun, but will do well in a partially shaded area, as well.

You should, of course, make certain to prune properly to get the most out of your evergreen and make sure the soil is adequate for the needs of your plant. The most important thing you can do when selecting the evergreen shrub is to do your research.

Check to make certain this type of shrub will thrive in the zone you live in and make certain that the care instructions and label do state that is an evergreen shrub as many varieties will not be.

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