Taking Care of your Cork Floor

If durability the chart in your list of requirements for the floor you want, then cork flooring might just be the thing you are looking for. To give you just two examples, both the Library of Congress and Chicago’s First Congregational Church have cork floorings. While the former was built in 1800, the Chicago Congregational Church has had cork flooring since 1890. That should be proof enough of cork flooring’s durability.

One can say that there is a whole army of maintenance people in both the institutions to look after the floor. But the fact is, for a regular family home, you can maintain a cork floor with just routine maintenance that would not be too troublesome. All you will need to do is regular light cleaning and apply a little bit of common sense.

In the following section of the article we have provided some solutions to generic problems regarding the maintenance of cork floors. However, if something special crops up, it is always advisable to consult the manufacturer of that particular floor.

General Maintenance

You would want your cork floor to look even after years of use. To a great this can be achieved if you follow the following basic rules:

• Always provide padding to the legs of your furniture, so that they do not leave any scratch marks when moved. Felt pads can be used for this purpose. Also, it helps to lift the furniture while moving, instead of dragging it down the floor.
• Place non-abrasive mats in front of doors and near sinks. Dirt, grit and water are the worst enemies of cork flooring.
• If you have potted plants in your rooms, then make sure that there is a drip pan under the pot to collect the water. Water should never be allowed to seep out.
• For the cork flooring to retain its color, it should not be exposed to the UV rays of the sun. Use curtains or blinds to prevent excessive light getting through the windows.


The good thing about cleaning cork flooring is that you will require neither special equipment nor any of harsh chemicals.

• Remember not to allow spills to stand. Wipe them off immediately.
• Regularly sweep and vacuum to remove the and grit.
• Use cleaners that are specially formulated for cork floors.

If you follow the suggestions in this article along with the instructions provided to you by the manufacturer, you will get a durable and beautiful flooring that stays with you for decades. And it would be real value for your money.

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