Every Gardener Needs a Mulch Spreader

English: Aged mulch of coarse home compost Cat...
Aged mulch of coarse home compost  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are smart, you will arrange to have your mulch delivered to your home. There is no point loading down your pickup truck and feeling like you have to rush through the weekend unloading the mulch.

Not only is having your mulch delivered to your home the thing to do to save time, but it will save you a lot of needless work unloading it.

Once you have the mulch at your home, you are still stuck spreading it – or are you?

No one likes spreading mulch manually. It is just a hot, messy and tiresome job. Think about it. Any newly seeded lawn or garden will need to have at least a good layer of mulch, even if it is just hay or straw.

Spending hours under the hot sun and using a pitchfork or shovel to spread mulch is no fun. Its moments like that which makes the idea of purchasing a mulch spreader very tempting.

Tell the truth; wouldn’t you love to have a mulch spreader?

Pine needles used as mulch. Also called "...
Pine needles used as mulch.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The fact is most people would love to have their very own mulch spreaders and they are going out and getting them. Consider for a moment how having your very own mulch spreader would free up your time. It certainly would conserve a tremendous amount of your physical energy!

When it comes to a mulch spreader, the larger the area, the powerful the mulch spreader should be. A mower designed mulch spreader works much like a vacuum. The operator controls the mulch spreader by hand and simply sweeps over the area where the mulch is to be distributed. A mower designed mulch spreader is the least expensive kind to purchase and the choice of many personal gardeners.

You can also purchase a tractor designed mulch spreader. These spreaders are more expensive and they work much like any tractor. You simply drive it around while it disperses mulch over the areas where you drive.

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Another design mentioning is the trailer design. This works by attaching a trailer onto the back of a tractor and driving the tractor over the areas you want mulch. The trailer will do the mulching and spreading.

Mulch Party
Mulch Party (Photo credit: Willowtree2005)

Each of the above listed mulch spreaders come with their own hydraulic systems which allows you to control the thickness of the mulch, as well as allowing you to control where the mulch will be released.

All three of these spreaders will provide a uniform depth to your mulch and evenly distribute it over your garden area. With mulch deliver and mulch spreaders, you do not have to dread mulching any longer.

It is time to step into the 21st century and your gardening life easier. Spend your free time doing things in the garden that you love, like cutting flowers or simply enjoying the view.

Don’t waste your energy and time on things that can be done automatically.

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