Rockler’s Steel Shop Stand | Work Table

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Rockler Shop Stand Work Table

Woodworking without an adequate work table is a little like cutting the grass with scissors: You can do it, but it takes a lot longer and the results are likely to be uneven. With Rockler's Shop Stands, you assemble a table sized for your shop, add your own top and get right to work. You'll find it easier than ever to get great results!

Large Table + Bench Vise

Large Work Table

If you want a large work surface, this configuration is for you. Just put a sturdy top on the 36″D x 48″W x 32″H Shop Stand, and you’ve got plenty of space to rout, cut, sand or assemble - and because this table’s on Locking Casters, you can move it around your shop and use it as an outfeed table. Add the 7″ Woodworker's Bench Vise, and you can cut dovetails, too.

Supplies List
Shop Stand Legs
(1) 60749 32″ Shop Stand Legs
Shop Stand Stretchers
(1) 60772 36″ Shop Stand Stretchers
(1) 60780 48″ Shop Stand Stretchers
Locking Casters or
(1) 47034 Locking Casters, Set of 4
Polyurethane Casters

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