The Beading on the HIghboy

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May 6th, 2014 in blogs

This is the lower section of a William & Mary Highboy. There are many details to work out on a complex piece like this one. For example, there is a thin beading that is applied to the scroll work on the Front and Side. It’s one thing to do this in SketchUp, quite another to implement in the shop.

I suppose there are many ways of creating this beading in SketchUp, and I’ll show you the method I ended up doing. Below there is a video of this process.

I copied three components – the Front, Post, and Side and moved them over to right. Then exploded the Front component so that I could use it’s scroll shape to make the path for a Follow Me. I also scaled these three pieces by a factor of 10, so that I would not have the chance of small facets creating nuisance gaps and holes in the extruded shape.

I also cut the front piece in half. This provides a convenient perpendicular face for the extrusion. It also simplifies the modeling due to the symmetry of the Front component.

As shown below, I then created the face and cross-sectional shape of the beading.

I selected the path, but first had to add lines across the front

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