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Rockler High Pressure Laminate Router Table, Fence, & FX Router Lift

Our High Pressure Laminate Router Tables are newly redesigned with a dual-track miter slot in the table and an included dust port. Plus, these packages include our acclaimed Router Lift FX for above-table adjustments and bit changes! New 3/4″ T-profile miter slot allows you to use precision aftermarket miter gauges, while universal T-tracks in both the fence and table accept stops, hold-downs and more. Table is built from our tried-and-true 1-1/8″ thick MDF core sandwiched between high pressure laminates, and features a brighter finish for better visibility. features two adjustable white melamine MDF faces, front and top accessory T-tracks and an integrated bit guard and dust port. The Router Lift FX accepts the following routers: Porter-Cable 690/890 series, Bosch 1617-16-18, DeWalt 610, 616, 618.

Includes our acclaimed Rockler Router Lift FX for above-table bit height adjustments and bit changes.
Router Lift FX includes insert ring with 1-1/2″ opening.
Featuring 8-points of plate leveling and 2 locking points.
24″ x 32″” table for over five square feet of surface area.
T-knobs for easy fence adjustment.
Includes bit safety guard for safe routing.
Extruded aluminum backer provides a stiff, straight backbone.
Large opening in fence for big router bits.
Aluminum fence backer features top-mounted universal T-track that accepts 5/16″ T-bolts, 1/4″ T-bolts, and 1/4″ Hex bolts.
Fence features a 2-1/2″ O.D. (2-1/4″ I.D.) dust port
List Price: $ 399.99
Price: $ 349.99

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Question by NK: How would i Make this out of Wood? (HELP)?
So a project at school which im making for a whole year.
Well my project is going to be a fold out LCD Screen on a study desk.
i will use hinges for the fold out bit.. but i also want it to turn 180* (Not 360*).
some thing like a lazy Susan but much smaller and square.
so what i mean is i attach the LCD Screen to the holder which i will made out of wood (the exact same size as the LCD screen) and then attach hinges at the bottom then to the rectangle turntable.

Please HELP ME?

Best answer:

Answer by Michael
you will need wood screws a hinge wood glue hole saw’s table saw drill tape measure pennsil & dust mask & ear plugs & eye protection Safety first

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    • Rich
    • June 4, 2014

    Use a lazy susan bearing such as the one I referenced below. There are others, as well as different sizes, available.

    If you don’t want it to turn the full 360°, then you should be able to come up a way to build a stop using pins and blocks or something along those lines.

    I hope this helps. Good luck with your project.

    • France
    • June 4, 2014

    First you need to pick out all the hardware you will need. I would go to a specialty hardware store they carry a larger variety of things. Lazy susan is a good idea you need to fasten lazy susan to a piece of plywood. Next fasten t.v. to a piece of plywood Now install hinge between plywood on lazy susan and plywood on t.v. I suggest using plywood because it is lighter and it won’t warp like solid wood will.I hope this helps! p.s. you may want to put a screw in lazy susan to stop it from spinning all the way around.

    • pre
    • June 4, 2014

    Rockler. Go to that site and find the hardware you need. I use them all the time and usually I can find what works.

    • NiCkY lOvEs PeRrY
    • June 4, 2014

    can you not get a family memeber or friend to help and offer you some assistance

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