How To Kill Roaches

How To Kill Roaches

How to kill roaches? This a question many have asked themselves over the years. Killing roaches is certainly not easy. Designed to survive the toughest of environments, roaches can often times seem invulnerable. They can survive without there heads, live through deadly chemical attacks, and more. It seems a little hopeless, really.

However, all is not lost. There are many different ways of killing roaches, though they are not easy. The most obvious way to do this is to trap them live. You can do this by taking a small container (a yogurt container works well), smear the inside with vaseline, and set it in an area with a lot of roaches. Roaches will crawl inside, and get stuck. You can then toss the container, getting rid of the roaches.

Another option is to use a classic poisoned trap. These are your typical “roach motels.” These work by attracting the roaches inside, causes them to ingest the poison. The kills the roaches. Since roaches actually much on their dead, other roaches will get the poison, leading to a widespread roach death, if all goes well.

Another option is boric acid, or borax. This causes small abrasions in the roaches shell, which eventually leads to their death via dehydration. To kill roaches this way, you’ll need to buy the powder, and spread it around your house. The best place to spread this powder is along edges in warm, dark places where roaches like to crawl. The more of the powder, the better, so don’t be shy. It isn’t poisoness to humans. You’ll soon start seeing dead roaches everywhere. Hooray!

Another option is to simply call a roach exterminator. These are trained professionals who can help you get rid of your roach problem once and for all. Be sure that you find a reliable exterminator, as they will know the best strategies to use. If the do it yourself options have exhausted themselves, this may be the way to go. Good luck in your quest!

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