5 Common Problems of Renting with a Roommate and How to Deal with Them

5 Common Problems of Renting with a Roommate and How to Deal with ThemWhilst renting out a property with another person has plenty of benefits, such as the lower of living, always having company and sharing the burden of chores, there may well be situations that arise that could see you regretting your decision. Here we cover five of the most common that arise out of shared tenancies and how you can deal with them.

5. Food politics

The decision of either splitting or sharing food should be one that’s made prior to moving in. To avoid unnecessary disagreements and tension it may be advisable to opt for the former arrangement.

However if you’ve already moved in and hadn’t previously set rules in place in relation to food then this may be a difficult (but necessary) conversation to have. In this situation you should perhaps try to work through your finances together, approaching it from a neutral stance, rather than an already confrontational one. From here you can break down exactly how much is spent on food, how you may cut down and bringing up the subject of separating food so you can track your budgets more easily. Of course, having a wider selection helps and that’s where a flat share in London with City Flat Pals can come in useful.

4. Bill payments

Money unsurprisingly makes for one of the biggest reasons for disagreements and arguments within any shared household. Putting together a budget at the beginning can avoid this entirely.

However there are also situations that may become areas of disagreement, such as one person using more hot water than the other, or whether energy is being wasted by windows being open. For these points it may be necessary to make a concession and appreciate that there are some areas that simply aren’t worth the associated heated arguments.

3. Guests, parties and the associated mess

No one wants to be the party pooper, but then no one wants to be with plenty of post party mess to clean one Sunday morning. Establishing rules about the frequency of get together and who’ll be chipping in for your tidying will allow you to enjoy the get together and avoid the hung over tension the next day.

2. Cleaning duties

Everyone has different ideas of what constituents a clean home, and learning to accommodate slight differences in opinion is sometimes a non-negotiable, particularly if you’re standards amount to near OCD levels of cleanliness.

You shouldn’t, however, have to put up with real mess, so arranging a cleaning rota and talking about general levels of tidiness is a must prior to moving in.

1. Noise

Asides from the noise that comes along with having guests or holding parties the most common problem on a daily basis is the issue of noise from items such as stereos and TVs. This becomes ever more an issue when other roommates have jobs to hold down or studies to undertake.

A way to address this issue before it even begins is to set strict guidelines as to when music can and can’t be played and what is deemed as an acceptable level of volume for TV.

The importance of getting ground rules surrounding noise established is also as excessive noise can lead to a violation of your tenancy agreement, which can then in turn see all house sharers turfed out onto the street minus your security deposit.

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