Antique Door Knobs – Go Back In Time

Antique Door Knobs - Go Back In Time

For many people, their home is not only place to relax at the end of the day and escape their work environment; it’s also a place to escape the world.

Imagine being able to get out of rush hour traffic, walk in the door and be whisked back into time, to the days of Queen Elizabeth, the Wild West or any other theme from the past.

These people put week’s months, even years of work into creating an environment that takes to another place. Each piece of furniture is hand-picked for the fact that it is something that would have been around in that time period. When it comes to lighting this home, regular lights will not do. Instead, they will take lanterns and other items that look like they were from that time period and have them set up to give off a candle glow, even though they have been fitted to an electrical outlet.

The other accents and d

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