Bathroom Lighting Provides Function, Style and Finish

Bathroom Lighting Provides Function, Style and Finish
by Myra Neuford

Bathroom Lighting and It’s Many Functions

Selecting appropriate bathroom lighting to fulfill the specific needs of an area in your bath is important when remodeling. Moderate sized to larger bathrooms will need even more attention to lighting issues.

In the vanity area where the major grooming takes place, lighting should suit those specific needs. Bar lighting above the vanity mirror was very popular for a time, and can be very attractive, but it is not the best bathroom lighting from a functional standpoint.

Lighting in the vanity area should be on both sides of the mirror or medicine cabinet and at face level to prevent shadowing. When applying makeup, this is an important factor.

Overhead lighting is good for general use of a bathroom, especially quick in and out trips. And let’s face it much of the use of a bathroom is these quick trips. In the middle of the night, you don’t need specific directed lighting, you just need lighting that doesn’t require fumbling around in the dark. An overhead light will do on these occasions, and one with a dimmer is nice. Going from the darkness of sleep to bright lights can be an awakening experience.

Small bathrooms may do well with good vanity lighting and basic overhead lighting, but a larger bath may have more zones, and therefore require more lighting, or at least make more lighting options desirable. Do take care when adding lighting to the bathing or shower area that local codes are given attention. They are enforced in order to assure bathroom safety.

Bathroom Lighting Contributes To Bathroom Decor

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Lighting is an important element in decor. This refers both to the look of the fixture in relation to other fixtures in your bath as well as how the light itself impacts the look and feel of your bath.

Think about this as you design your bath. There will be times that you want subdued lighting to give your bath a relaxing spa feel. Remodeling a bathroom is one of the most costly remodels, and you should get the most for your dollar. PLan your bath to fulfill all your bathing and grooming needs, and factor in relaxation which is much needed in our busy world today.

Bathroom Lighting Style and Finish

With all the lighting fixtures that are available in today’s marketplace in a wide array of styles and finishes, there is something to suit every need and choice in decor.

Fixtures that suit a Victorian bath can be found in many interesting finishes such as pewter, black iron and various members of the bronze family.

For a more updated style there is chrome which has stood the test of time, or you could choose brushed nickel, pewter or polished brass.

Style in your bathroom lighting is as important as finish. Some styles tend toward more detailing in their design, such as vintage light fixtures, while modern or traditional fixtures are more simple and cleaner in their design.

When you are planning your design, realize that lighting fixtures and faucets are some of the most seen items in your bath and contribute much to the overall decor. These items should be considered like accessories, as they are often the crowning touch. Get the most from a bathroom lighting fixture, and choose it for both it’s functional aspect and it’s contribution to the decor of your bath.

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