Modern Rugs – The Search For Style

by Stu Foster

There are times when a space in your home can begin to look stale or outdated. Instead of bringing out the paint brushes, a carefully chosen rug can be the perfect tonic, revitalising the space and giving it a new lease of life. Rugs can be used to draw subtle attention to a corner or as as a focal piece, contrasting starkly with current decor. This article will detail how something as simple as a new rug can literally transform your living space.

Blending In or Standing Out?

A rug is a versatile decorative object can work in a number of different applications. There are the obvious, traditional uses where the rug fabric, cut and color is closely matched to the room, extending your space’s decorative theme onto the floor. In more recent times though, rugs are being used to contrast against a neutral space. In these days where less is more and homes tend to be sparse rather than cluttered, a modern rug design gives you the chance to let your expression out of the box. It creates a focus in an otherwise neutral environment and a talking point or an ice-breaker for you and your guests.

It’s Not All About Color And Design

There are several types of rugs available and each can be used creatively in a way is consistent with the style you’d like to imbue in a room. For rooms that exhibit an angular feel with rectangular tables, bookcases and other elements, a geometric patterned rug can be a perfect complement. By contrast, a room that emphasizes warm colors with a rounded, smooth ambiance can make great use of a squarish rug with an organic pattern or a circular rug.

For those style aficionados you can now get your hands on some rather cool rug cuts, an ‘x’ shaped rug really is the bees knees at the moment for example. If you are a nostalgic soul like myself then a good old fashioned shag pile rug would do just the trick, muted colours, something creates warmth and happiness for all those who are lucky enough to feel its texture.

Don’t Break The Bank

While most of the rugs we dream about probably would cost more than most of us can afford, finding the perfect rug for your space need not bankrupt you. Many rugs can be picked up for less than $100.

In the end, shopping for a stylish rug is seldom about finding the best deal. Rather, the pursuit of style is guided by understanding the flavor of design you’d like to achieve in a room and then, finding a rug to match your vision and budget.

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