Hydrogen Fuel Kits for Better Gas Economy

by Michael Pipolini

As Tom tighten the last screw to the hose clamp securely installing a homemade kit for his 2002 Ford Taurus Sedan. Tom was hoping to double his gas mileage and could hardly wait for tomorrow when he and his family were driving From Seattle to San Diego to visit family and the amusement parks in LA with the children.

A difficult situation for your automobile is the pitting of the metal caused by high motor accelerations during idling when using hydrogen fuel. If the high concentration of hydrogen increases too much, the stationary ring will get a flaking failure. The industry is looking into different ways to get oil into the top end engine to help elevate this drawback to using hydrogen fuel.

Ethanol stress is a little studied problem in internal combustion engines, but one that may include all biofuels. In the desire to produce a more reasonable priced fuel we have some obstacles to over come. We have to decide to produce the alcohol , ethanol, and / or bio fuels in America to save money.

Some American car manufacturers are again looking into producing the electric car because of public demand. There is a movie called “Who Killed The Electric Car” that is worth seeing and tells the story of a past effort to test electric and the electric car passed the test. Ford is listening and is producing the Edge. The Ford Edge will have a drivable fuel cell hybred electric plug-in.

Confronted with the ever-increasing cost of gasoline, the public is demanding an alternative to gas and wants to see a locally produced Bio-fuel solution. Some worldwide automakers are in search of a way to produce cost-effectively improving vehicle fuel economy while still meeting today’s strict protection legislation. Why have gas saving inventions been bought up and hidden?

Since hydrogen isn’t readily available at your local filling station, selling a hydrogen-boosted gas engine is still not a reality. One more hopeful way to boost fuel economy is to add hydrogen to the fuel/air mixture in a conservative gasoline engine. This hydrogen-boosted gas engine will sell like hot cakes if it works as well as projected.

Hydrogen is in many ways is the perfect fuel. It can be used in combustion engines and produces only water as a by-product. But for hydrogen-powered vehicles, the gas tank is a big limiting factor. The is difficult to store. Weight for weight, hydrogen is three times as energy dense as petrol. When liquefied hydrogen contains just a quarter of the energy as the same volume of petrol, and that involves high pressures, or cooling to it in state. The latest prototype vehicles can travel only up to 450 kilometres (280 miles) or so on a full tank.

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