How To Harness Wind And Solar Power Energy

How To Harness Wind And Solar Power Energy
by Darrel Case

Although wind power generators have been around for over a hundred years, it never quite caught on. It’s still not a mainstream source of power today but soaring energy costs and the eco-effects of conventional energy waste of late have forced a surge of interests in alternative renewable energy. Along with solar power panels, windmills can now be seen mushrooming across the country and have proven to be a viable source of energy as long as the territory is endowed with the required natural conditions.

As depicted in the name, the function of wind power generators is to produce power by utilizing the wind as fuel. This is obviously beneficial as wind is natural, free and unlimited in supply. Having that said, it is not always feasible or viable. For example, the wind resource in the locality must be of a certain level and the wind tower or structure must not pose any detriment to the surrounding. And are they cost-effective over the conventional form of power?

Do It Yourself Project

The operation of the wind power generator can be simplistically described within the theory of the Conservation of Energy. Kinetic energy of the wind or airflow is harnessed by the rotor blades into mechanical energy as the spindle is turned. The rotary force of the spindle is utilized in windmills to drive pumps and other mechanical systems directly or is further converted via a turbine into electrical energy. This power can be consumed on the fly or stored for later use.

A good many houses in the rural or sub-urban areas would likely make a suitable wind power home but a feasibility study should be conducted beforehand. Wind resource map, space and clearance, regulatory requirements, neighborhood compatibility and interconnection with the local power grid as a minimum should be researched before embarking on the construction proper of the wind power system.

By nature, constant good year-round supply of wind is rare. That’s why wind power generators are typically used in mutual complement with another renewable energy source namely solar power, sunlight supply of which inherently also is not continuous throughout either. Even if wind power is deployed only as a supplement to the utility grid, it will be beneficial nonetheless in slashing power bills and good for the environment.

Like many other endeavors nowadays, the internet has made it easy to make wind and solar power. Anyone who is interested can conveniently access a great deal of information on the subject online. On that account, many guides and instructional handbooks for DIY versions of wind power generators are very competitively retailed. Competition is keen so some really good value can be found with a little shopping around.

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