Alternative Fuel – Water for Gas – Scam or Truth

by Jeff Grundy

Is it really true can run a car on water instead of gasoline? Or is this some kind of Internet scam? The answers may just amaze you.

Can a car run on water alone? Yes, but the technology is so new it may be years away before can own a completely water run automobile. Inventor Stan Meyer has created a functioning water run engine, yet the road to production is very steep and dangerous.

Bringing his invention to the public means going against some of the biggest and powerful companies in the world. Mr Meyer has been offered a billion dollars to keep his invention to himself.

So with the 100% water-burning engine far off what can we do now? Well we are in luck, there are presently many ebooks describing how can build your own conversion kit to turn your present automobile into a water-burning hybrid.

A list of benefits follow:

Easy to Use

Instructions cover almost all engines.

25% to 70% savings realistic.

Engine Burns Cleaner

Instructions are easy to follow

Very inexpensive to build

don’t have to worry about safety, as there is no large volume of hydrogen to deal with. The hydrogen gas is extracted as needed.

The idea is to use water as a supplement to gasoline. Actually very little water is needed! One quart of water provides over 1800 gallons of HHO gas. Thus possibly lasting for months while significantly increasing your vehicle’s fuel efficiently.

Yes this technology is real. The cost savings and positive impact on are real also. To learn more go to

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