Australian Merino Wool: Not Just For Clothes

It was way back in 1797 that the Merino sheep arrived in Australia. The first flock of Spanish Merino sheep landed in Australia by way of South Africa. Two British officers imported the flock where they sold them to the landowners in Sydney. A famous name of the Merino wool industry was John Macarthur. Australia has recently and proudly celebrated 200 years of the fine merino wool industry.

A Wide Range of Products Made from Merino Wool

The average person is aware that clothing is often made of merino wool. Most people also know that blankets and wraps are often made with the luxurious merino wool. What most people don’t know is that Merino wool can be part of so many areas of your home too.

A Bed made in Heaven

Bedding that is made with the silken and absorbent merino wool is a sure fire guarantee that the person looking to rest will get the best sleep they have ever gotten. Merino wool has cradled the head and body of humanity for hundreds of years. There is no fabric that can boast the comfort, absorbency and longevity that merino wool can. When you lay your weary head down on a bed that is made up with Merino wool linens, you will be encompassed in warmth, security and natural comfort.

A Sofa that Welcomes You Home

No fabric can hold up to the abuses of a growing and thriving family as well as authentic Merino wool. Having your furniture covered in fine merino wool can ensure that your furniture stays looking good for many years to come. Family upholstery can find itself exposed to soil that is more greasy than most, and with its natural odor repellent and ease of cleaning, can keep your furniture not only looking terrific, but smelling good too.

An extra added bonus of using Merino wool for your upholstery needs is that is naturally flame retardant. This can be good news for those with small children who worry about fire. Merino wool upholstery is an excellent way to aid in protecting your family.

Merino Wool for Your Floors

Merino wool is not only good for bedding, apparel and furniture, but you can use merino wool for all your carpeting needs as well. If you are looking for the perfect fabric to put beneath your family’s feet, look no further than merino wool. There are so many woven choices in brilliant hues and guaranteed to do the best job to take care of the family that lives upon it, you may find you are ready to cover your entire home in carpeting that is made of merino wool.

weaving is a traditional craft that is still prized for the beautiful flooring options that it produces. When you choose a carpet that is made with merino wool, you will ensure that you will stay and dry no matter what the weather is outside and no matter what the feet that come through your door bring in with them.

Brenda writes for fashion companies, including Pashmina International, who sell Merino Wool Shawls.

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