Rockler Beadlock Pro Joinery Kit: In Action

For more details visit . Recently Patrick Hosey got a chance to try out the Rockler Beadlock Pro Joinery Kit….
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Rockler Workbench Caster Kit 4 Pack

This set of four easy-spin 2-3/8″ urethane casters feature a foot-activated lift mechanism that engages or disengages with the touch of your toe. Engage them to lift your bench 3/4″ off the floor for mobility, disengage them for stability. Each caster is constructed of durable steel and rated for 100 lbs. – that’s 400 lbs. of total capacity with the 4-pc. set! Includes all mounting screws for easy installation.

Allows you to maneuver your work bench with little effort
Durable steel construction
Includes all mounting screws for easy installation
Satin black finish
List Price: $ 79.99
Price: $ 59.99

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2 Responses to “Rockler Beadlock Pro Joinery Kit: In Action”

  1. Kketansa Art

    Can we make the bedlock inserts with this kit too? Or just holes?

  2. Mike Nestle

    So – just about every jig now seems to cost around $200, when you actually
    start using it in a serious way? I can’t imagine woodworkers staying with
    commercially produced tenon stock. I can see the utility if you need a
    quickie joint without any metal in it. Otherwise, Kreg pocket holes are the
    go-to technique for new or utilitarian woodworkers.

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