How Stable Is Your Home’s Foundation?

Foundation for a new house
Foundation for a new house (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Though the summer is coming to a slow close, its effects remain apparent all throughout the Lone Star State. Ongoing severe droughts and temperatures reaching triple digits have left many Texan homeowners questioning how the parched ground is affecting their foundation.

Fortunately, there are several tell-tale signs that can help homeowners identify foundation problems and determine if there’s cause for worry. Here are some great tips to get you started:

Know Your Foundation

Your foundation is one of the most important aspects of your home. It keeps moisture and mold at bay and prevents your home from sinking into the ground.

However, even the most durable foundations can falter if the ground beneath cannot bear the weight of the home. Combinations of weak soil, unpredictable weather, and severe drought can all negatively affect your foundation and cause serious damage.

This is why it is very important to familiarize yourself with your home’s specific foundation, and the ground it was built on. If you’ve noticed small changes in your home and suspect foundation issues, you should consult with a house foundation repair specialist.

Signs Your Foundation Needs Repair

Several things can signify foundation problems. Here are some common examples:

  • Sloping or Uneven Floors
  • Noticeable Cracks on Interior and Exterior of Home
  • Cracked Molding
  • Cracked Floors or Tile
  • Doors and Windows That Won’t Close Properly

If one or many of these conditions exist in your home, your foundation may be to blame. Arrendondo Group, trained cracked foundation repair professionals, advise homeowners to take action immediately. Contact a local house foundation repair company at the first sign of trouble. The cracked foundation repair team can then properly assess the situation and determine the exact cause of your problem, and provide the solution.

Foundation Maintenance With Lawn-care

If the thought of discovering foundation issues too late terrifies you, there are several ways you can protect your foundation and the soil it sits in.  Droughts and extreme temperatures during the summer are new to Texans. So, just as you’d water your lawn, it is also important to control the amount of water in the soil underneath your home.

Setting up soaker hoses around the perimeter of the house is a great example. The constant flow of water will ensure the soil remains moist during even the driest months.

Even keeping your lawn well-watered can help. Plant life around your home absorbs any and all moisture present, and can cause dry soil to become ever drier. This can be avoided nonetheless by frequently watering (within city limits), and caring for your lawn.

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