The Weird And Wonderful Houses In UK for Architects To Study

The world is full of oddities. The world of architecture is no different. Of course, this may be why got into architecture in the first instance. The joy of seeing an unusual building cannot be rivalled. The sheer admiration of the architect’s work is seen upon your face. Architecture is far from boring. It is the rock and roll world of construction.

The UK, for all its quirks and strangeness, is no stranger to unusual architecture. In fact, it is home to some of Europe’s weirdest and wonderful architectural developments. Let us take you on a voyage through the weird, absurd and glorious homes for you to study in the UK.




If you have an extra £700,000 to spare (as we all do), you may be interested in a seriously stunning church conversion. One of the most beautiful features of this house is that it still has all of the original features of the church. The altar is still present within the house. What is more, the arches and concrete curves that adorn the walls look simply magical. The spiral staircase of oak and wrought iron is a perfect feature within the confines of this remarkable house. If you want to see how a beautiful village church can be converted into a gorgeous home to be revered, you need to take a trip down to Somerset.


Houses in Oakham appear to be prettier than the rest of their Yorkshire counterparts. Victorian architecture is prevalent in the area. There are hardly any new builds, or Ikea house, as like to call them. Period homes are the norm in Oakham, making it a picture perfect place to study architecture. If you want a break from the norm, estate agents in Oakham will be able to assist you with your quest


In the heart of Warwickshire lies a stunning home that is , weird and wonderful in its design. Many moons ago, this building used to be a water tower. Now, it lies deep in the countryside as a home. Yes. That’s right. The Water Tower is on the market for less than £300,000 which is a nominal sum for such a strange looking house. It is circular in its shape and has a plethora of tiny, round windows. It is a stunning feat of architecture. Especially for those who like to study unusual homes.

London: Container City

The UK is an unusual place; I’m sure you will all attest. For an utterly bonkers solution to modern living, Container City is a block of apartments made from HGV containers. Stacked in an abstract shape, it looks nothing short of bright and bizarre. However, this was created as an affordable solution to living in London. If you don’t mind living in a container, then you will love living here. While it is not beautiful, it is architecturally bold. It is a fascinating design to behold. The success of Container City was so great that Container City II was completed shortly after. Odd, bonkers and truly delightful.

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