Review: Makita LCT209W 12V max Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit

Makita LCT209W 12V max Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit

Makita LCT209W 12V max Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit
Makita LCT209W 12-Volt max Lithium-Ion 2-Piece Combo Kit 12V max Lithium- 2 Pc. Combo Kit, FD02W, DT01W, case
About the Product The Makita 12-volt max Lithium- Two-Piece Combo delivers pro power and pro speed in an ultra-compact size, and offers two ideal to any tool box or tool belt. The LCT209W includes cordless tools for drilling, driving, and fastening. Each tool is powered by Makita’s 12-volt max Lithium-Ion battery and the Energy Star qualified charger. The Makita 12-volt max lithium- 2-piece combo kit delivers pro power and pro speed in an ultra-compact size, and offers two ideal to any tool box or tool belt. The LCT209W includes cordless tools for drilling, driving, and fastening. Each tool is powered by Makita’s 12-volt max Lithium-Ion battery and the Energy Star qualified charger. The LCT209W includes an ultra-compact two-speed driver-drill that weighs only 2.2 pounds and delivers 200 inch/p

  • Variable speed impact driver with 800 in. lbs. of torque
  • Variable speed drill with keyless chuck with 200 in. lbs. of torque
  • Contains 2 – 12V max Lithium Ion batteries
  • Rapid charger charges batteries in 30 minutes
  • 2-speed 3/8-inch Driver-Drill (0-350 & 0-1,300 RPM) in an ultra compact size of only 2.2 lbs.
  • Variable speed Impact Driver (0-2,400 RPM & 0-3,000 IPM) provides 800 in.lbs. of Max Torque in an ultra compact design of only 2.0 lbs.
  • Makita 12V max Lithium-Ion batteries provide longer run time and lower self-discharge The charger earned the ENERGY STAR® label for meeting the strict energy-efficient guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and US Department of Energy (DOE)
  • 3-year warranty on tools and 1-year warranty on flashlight, batteries and charger
  • 2 ea. 12V max Lithium-Ion Battery (BL1014)
  • 1 Battery Charger (DC10WB)
  • Tool Case (823304-1)

List Price: $ 366.00

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”B005CQ1RGI”]

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    • E. Redifer
    • August 30, 2014
    105 of 108 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent small tools comparable to Milwaukee and Bosch, October 22, 2012
    E. Redifer

    This review is from: Makita LCT209W 12V max Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit (Tools & Home Improvement)

    This kit is a real bargain at the currently advertised price (as of this writing).

    I buy many tools on Amazon, but I didn’t buy these on Amazon – I was in one of the big box stores looking for replacement batteries for my milwaukee M12 drill/driver and impact – Then I determined I could get this Makita kit with two batteries and the cool aluminum case for just a few dollars more than two new M12 batteries – so I brought them home. I’ve now been using them around the house for a month or so, so I have a good feel for how they work.

    I also own the latest version Bosch tools in this same size, and as mentioned the Milwaukees (see my reviews of the other brands here on Amazon)- so I can compare all three of them, so here goes:

    How do these Makitas stack up? Pretty well. I would rate them between the Milwaukee tools (which are the oldest design of the current crop) and the Bosch tools in speed a power. They are faster and more powerful than Milwaukee, but slower and less powerful than the latest Bosch tools. However this is not really a big negative for Makita or Milwaukee – any of these sets of tools are very handy for their intended use, and can get the job done.

    All three of these sets that I own – Milwaukee M12, Bosch 12v and now these Makita 12V’s are great for DIY around the house. They are so small and light and easy to handle that they get used a lot. Good for drilling small holes in the wall or in wood to hang a picture frame or a mirror – great for driving a dozen or a couple dozen screws in a repair job. Good for disassembling electronics or car interior screws and nuts.

    They are not intended for heavy duty use. You are not going to put in a deck with these units – well, you could do it, but the tools will struggle and you’ll be charging the batteries a lot – go for a conventional 12v-18v tool for that job. You can’t disassemble an engine with the impact gun. They are going to struggle to drive 3 inch lag bolts, and forget about drilling a hole into steel – sheetmetal maybe.

    Size and ergonomics-wise these Makitas feel very similar to the Milwaukees – which I like very much, and I like both of them better than the Bosch tools, which are more compact, but a bit more clunky in my hand.

    Features: I like the Milwaukees better than both the Bosch and these Makitas for a single reason: the battery gauge. It’s so useful in this size, I’m amazed that Makita left it off. Bosch chose to put the battery gauge on the impact, but not on the drill/driver – I have no idea why. Color – well these makitas are black and white – which makes them show dirt and grime on the white part, and hide in on the black. They clean up good, but I use these tools hard and get them dirty. I probably prefer the Bosch blue and the Milwaukee red over this Makita white – but that’s a nit – not really a show stopper. LED lighting – well I never even noticed it on Milwaukees and then then I noticed it on my Bosch tools, but it wasn’t very useful. On these Makitas however it is finally a useful feature – the LED light stays on for a few seconds after you stop the tool – and it’s quite bright – I actually use it to locate the bit in dark conditions – Makita is the clear winner here. I really like the Makita keyless Chuck on the drill/driver – it’s very convenient and accurate and tightens very easily. To be fair, however both Milwaukee and Bosch offer a keyless chuck version of the drill/driver and I’ve only used the Hex version.

    Speed and power wise, Bosch wins in a comparison test over this Makita set, and the Makita is better than Milwaukee. I’ve never had the Bosch struggle to drive a screw, but I’ve bogged this Makita down a couple times. The Milwaukee seems to slow down a lot under load, but continues to slowly grind out, where the Makita will stall, and the Bosch will just power through. The Bosch tools have a quirky hesitation when you first pull the trigger, which I don’t really like – these Makitas, and the Milwaukee tools don’t have it, and it makes me feel that they can be used with a bit more precision.

    Battery life: Uh-oh, this is where I see a big difference. For some reason the batteries on these Makitas seem to be short lived. I’ve recharged them more in the past week of heavy use, than I ever recharged either the Bosch or the Milwaukee set. And I see a more pronouced power drop off in the Makita impact than I ever noticed from either Bosch or Milwaukee. Perhaps Makita cheaped out on the battery cells and that’s why they can offer such a good price. I’m glad I have two batteries in the set – if I only had one battery, this would be a frustrating problem.

    The case on this Makita set is really nice aluminum with plastic trim unit – with a lot of room for the tools – personally I would never use it for the drill and driver – they sit in my toolbox or actually on the workbench most of the time…

    Read more

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    • Ehren E. Turner "DeepSkyFrontier"
    • August 30, 2014
    45 of 48 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great compromise between utility and usability… and cost being a major bonus, September 5, 2012
    Ehren E. Turner “DeepSkyFrontier” (Glendale, CO USA) –

    This review is from: Makita LCT209W 12V max Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit (Tools & Home Improvement)
    I do division 10, 11, and 12, which involves a lot of drilling through tile, structural steel, wood, gypsum wall board, HDPE, phenolic resin, stone, and concrete in order to install grab bars, accessories, bathroom partitions, whiteboards, handrails, blinds, signs, and the like.

    Working with phenolic resin in particular lately, I’ve been breaking a lot of torx bits- the stuff has no give whatsoever- and my co-worker managed to break off the head of a bolt today with his 1200 in/lb 18v Makita impact. Using this 800 in/lb 12v impact in the same stuff may have yielded an advantage toady. I was able to drive everything home- maybe a second or two more slowly- but it was also harder to overdo, and in some cases, impossible- the impact maxed at around the physical limit, instead of continuing to hammer away at the impossible. I wouldn’t call this an unmitigated bonus, since I’m sure there will be instances where the extra power will be needful, but phenolic resin is just about as bad as it gets. We hate the stuff.

    I also drilled more than two inches into marble and concrete with a masonry bit using the drill. It didn’t complain.

    The very best thing about these is that they’re powerful enough to do just about everything I need to do with them (we have plug-in impact hammers for hard ceramic and concrete), but they cost half as much as the 18v kit.

    I don’t like that they don’t have hooks on them, and I just ordered some small holsters for them. I think that will actually work better than hooks. On the other hand, they fit into tool pouches nicely, even through a hammer-hanger, and are so light that I can wear them around without wanting to drop them off. This is a MAJOR BONUS. They’re also extremely light in the hand.

    As for battery life- the L-ion batteries that ship with these are rated at 14 Watts. If you calculate based on 10.6 volts, that gives you 1.32 amp hours. If 12 volts, then 1.41 amp hours. After seeing them in action, that seems about right. Makita’s ambivalence about the voltage rating is doubtless the reason why these don’t have an amp hour rating listed. I’m accustomed to using the 3 amp hour batteries, and very often getting between one and three days of light work or half a day of constant use out of them.

    These batteries don’t have enough capacity to get me through the average day, but they charge fast enough to make up for it- at least as fast as I’m ever likely to deplete them. Today I did lose some of the potential gains in efficiency due to their lightness and compactness by swapping batteries in and out of the charger, moving the battery back and forth between tools, and even grabbing a battery off the charger that had only been on for a few minutes (and sometimes not having access to outlets at all). The only problem is that that generally takes me to a point where both batteries are depleted at around the same time. The ideal solution would be to have two extra batteries and two chargers, or- at the very least- one extra battery. But one battery goes for $47. I paid $99 for the whole kit (both tools, two batteries, and the charger). There’s no way I’d buy a single battery for almost half the cost of two… plus a charger… plus an impact… plus a drill. So I just now ordered another kit, also for $99.

    It may well work against me in the long run to have to do a lot of charge-discharge cycles- quite a few more than with the 3 Ah batteries I’m use to. And these may wear out sooner due to operating closer to their maximum output more often. I’m not guessing that they will at a rate that makes me regret the decision. *I really like how light they are.* And I’m really not worried about them having less horsepower than the 18v tools. I always have access to more powerful tools if I need them.

    Again, the greatest advantage is that they’re so incredibly easy to have in-hand and on-hand, which I expect will improve workflow and lower the risk of repetitive stress injuries. And even if they only last half exactly half as long per tool, I’m still ahead of the game because, for less than the cost of an 18v kit, I have four tools instead of two.

    For what they are, and what they can do, they really deserve five stars. Especially for what I paid. As usual, I’ll update this review if I change my mind.


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    • MadCarpenter
    • August 30, 2014
    16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Lightweight, Moderately Powerful, Limited Capacity, January 11, 2014
    MadCarpenter (Oregon, USA) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Makita LCT209W 12V max Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit (Tools & Home Improvement)
    Don’t expect this 10.8 volt (it’s not really 12 volts, as Makita and other 10.8 volt cordless tool makers falsely claim) duo to effortlessly handle heavy drilling and driving. That’s not their intended purpose. Where they really excel is being extremely lightweight and portable tools whose new lithium ion batteries recharge faster, hold a charge in storage longer, and are not subject to the damaging ‘memory effect’ that plagued previous generations of cordless drill/drivers powered by nickel cadmium batteries.

    In my unofficial jobsite tests (I’m a remodel carpenter), the impact driver, with a recently charged battery, powered six 4″ long x 5/16″ diameter ‘Timberlok’ lag bolts into new framing lumber before begging for mercy (and a fresh battery). Although the clutch never disengaged, it was not exactly a world class performance. It does an excellent job of extracting difficult to remove 3″ long drywall type screws however. The drill motor’s keyless, adjustable chuck securely holds standard or hex shank drill bits, but shooting holes into wood with any spade bit over 1/2″ diameter will quickly bring this tool to its knees, disengaging the clutch and/or activating the electronic overload switch.

    My old twelve volt Panasonic drill/driver will run circles around these new compact Makitas, though it weighs twice as much and takes considerably longer to recharge. But it’s perfectly balanced in hand, and able to stand upright on its large, square NiCd battery. By comparison, these new Makitas are a bit front heavy, slightly unbalanced, and lie on their side; wallowing in dirt, drywall dust, mud, or whatever else is on the floor… (which immediately shows up on the new white/black color scheme, btw…)

    I do appreciate the LED light, as it helpfully illuminates dark work areas. And the rubberized handle is nicely sized and comfortable to grip.

    I strongly recommend purchasing at least one additional ’12 volt max’ battery, especially if you intend to push these tools to their limit. Having a third battery fully charged will somewhat offset the downtime created by how quickly these discharge under continuous, heavy workloads.

    The side panel of the crappy silver Masonite case came pre-broken, due to the impact driver bouncing around in transit from Amazon. (Although the Makita cardboard packaging was completely unscathed.) It’s also frustratingly small due to the foam rubber inserts, making it nearly impossible to fit both tools, charger, spare battery and a case of drill bits and drivers in it without feeling as though it’s going to result in damaged contents and/or broken latches. I’ll definitely be purchasing Makita’s 21″ ballistic nylon tool bag as a better way to tote it all.

    These are well made, niche type tools that will perform satisfactorily if used for appropriately moderate tasks. I foresee myself using them primarily for installing lighting fixtures and bath hardware. For the purchase price of one hundred bucks, they are a fantastic bargain. Their extremely light weight will create less arm and hand fatigue at the end of a work day than wielding an 18 volt monster, but don’t get rid of your big drill/driver just yet…


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    • aminuk23
    • August 30, 2014

    i can do that with none pro, whats the fucking point of this video? what
    the fuck u trying to show motherfuckers?

    • Rob Cortez
    • August 30, 2014

    I’ve heard bad things about all big name brands and I hear good things
    about them too. I have the combo set from Ridgid and have put my tools
    through all the demands any pro contractor would.I have lifetime warranties
    on the batteries. So know I’m confused who makes what. I’ve been

    • rescuecow90
    • August 30, 2014

    The batteries are shit,both mine have failed,not impressed.

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