Conservatory blinds should always be perfect fit window blinds

perfect fit blinds

If you have been looking for conservatory any time in the last year then you will probably have come across something called the perfect fit window blinds. The whole blinds industry has been altered because of these fantastic blinds that just snap in in moments. The main reason for this is the fact the you do not have to do any drilling to fit them.


The Huge Benefit of a fit


The most important benefit of using this type of blind is that your 10 year guarantee on the conservatory is not made null and void by fitting them. Because they just clip in none of the or facia are drilled. The just slide under the rubber gasket and sit against the glass face. The slide in perfect fit have little lugs on them which clip into the location holes in the of the blinds.


The second benefit of perfect fit window blinds.


Because they simply clip in you can also unclip then when you want to clean the conservatory or your blinds. When your conservatory needs its annual clean normal blinds seem to get in the way all the time. The perfect fit system means you can get to the glass and frames easily.


Window and conservatory companies are now recommending the sytem


I know that many window suppliers are now specifying this type of conservatory blinds in to the normal options of vertical blinds and roller blinds which use brackets that have to be screwed into the frames. These window and conservatory companies realise the benefits of this vastly superior and are beginning to promote it vigorously as part of their service.


The measuring has to be done very precisely as there is very little made for measuring mistakes. The blinds are made to the metric scale only which helps with this . The fitting takes about 2 minutes per blind which means that a whole conservatory can be fitted in less than an hour.

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