Awesome Ideas to Add Character to Your Home

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Having home we love is something we all try to obtain. Maybe you have made all of the big changes to your home and have now run out of projects for yourself. Maybe you want to change your landscape or remodel the bathroom but doing so is beyond your budget.  Below are a few minor ways that you can improve your home if you are on tight budget or you are just looking for another way to add aesthetic value to your home in a modest way.

Backsplash Fix. Adding or changing the backsplash in your kitchen can really add character. Choosing a backsplash that reflects your family’s personality will make your kitchen stand out.  can be applied to the backroom sink or maybe you can apply it to new tiles for the shower.

A Welcoming Entrance. What does your front door stay about you? Painting the front door of your home is a great way to add some color and make a statement at the same time. Certain colors have special meanings, such as:

  • This color represents a calm place of refuge. It is serene and relaxing.
  • Green represents health, safety, harmony and tranquility.
  • Black represents strength, power, sophistication and authority.
  • Red makes a homeowner appear passionate with energy and excitement.

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Choosing a color that represents you, your family or whoever lives in the home will reveal your personality on the outside of your home. In addition, you can create an inviting entrance by placing potted plants on the front step. This will add some nice seasonal color and it is a great way to welcome guests.

Adding a Stair Runner. This is a very practical way to upgrade your home if you have wooden stairs. Hardwood flooring can be very slippery, particularly for children. Adding a carpet stair runner can prevent slipping on the stairs. Choosing the right pattern and design is up to you. You need something that fits the style of your home but you can also be a little more creative on the stairs since they do not take up a large section of the house. Do not let patterned carpet scare you when choosing carpet for a stair runner.

The tricky piece with laying down a stair runner is the measuring aspect. Stairs are measured much differently than rooms. sure you get the right measurements is a crucial factor for a successful application.

All three of these ideas are great if you want to make small improvements to your home. They will help you present character. Choosing to do all of them or even one of them will help get the creative juices flowing and start thinking of other small embellishments that you could make around your home.


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