More about SHOP FOX W1729 19-Inch Bandsaw

SHOP FOX W1729 19-Inch Bandsaw

SHOP FOX W1729 19-Inch Bandsaw
SHOP FOX W1729 Bandsaw
Shop Fox 19-Inch Bandsaw
View larger Deluxe Extruded Aluminum Fence
View larger Heavy Duty Trunnion and Table Tilt
View larger Shop Fox W1729 19-Inch Bandsaw When extra cutting capacity and heavy-duty construction are required for big jobs, this 19-inch Shop Fox Bandsaw has all the features you need. It’s 2 horsepower, single-phase motor has plenty of to drive the heavy cast iron wheels propel blades 1/8-inch to 1-1/4-inch wide through the toughest wood and its 12-inch maximum cutting height, two blade speeds and deluxe fence make resawing as easy as it gets. Other features include a precision geared tilting table, rack and pinion upper adjustment, disc blade guides and blade tension indicator for accurate cuts and longer blade life. Deluxe Aluminum Fence The deluxe extruded aluminum fence is designed to be lifted off the table quickly and repositioned with accuracy on either side of the blade. The fence is most o

  • Blade tension indicator
  • Micro adjusting gear table
  • Height scale measurement
  • Miter gauge
  • Designed for wood cutting

List Price: $ 1,250.00

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”B001R23T5I”]

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    • J. Blilie
    • December 7, 2014
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Very Happy With This Band Saw, December 4, 2012
    J. Blilie (Twin Cities, MN) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: SHOP FOX W1729 19-Inch Bandsaw (Tools & Home Improvement)
    I purchased this band saw for one purpose: Re-sawing hardwood lumber into thicknesses of 3/16-inch to 1/4-inch. I am very satisfied. I’m very glad I bought this saw. I’d been hesitating on a big saw for a while. This saw makes me happy.

    The saw is stable, has low vibration, runs quietly, has an excellent fence (which can be detached or moved on either side of the blade without removing the blade.) The table is large, heavy, and very stable. I have not used the miter tool. The un-tensioning lever is nice and convenient. The adjusting wheels are plastic but are very heavy-duty: No concerns there. Very solid monolithic weldment build. Heavy and rigid. I am using 220V and that is recommended. The saw was very well crated and mounted on a pallet on arrival. Delivery through Amazon was excellent: The delivery guys placed it right into my shop (level entry on concrete from the driveway).

    I got the band saw set up in a short time (less than an hour for everything). Access to the blade guides is very good and setting them up is easy. They may be simple; but they work very nicely; no issues with the guides. Everything uses one hex wrench: 3/16-inch size. Blade installation is almost as easy as on my little Delta 14-inch saw. Blade tracking was excellent right out of the box. The tensioning wheel is easy to use and works really well. The tension guide (unit-less numbers on the scale) is useful and is visible on the front side with the covers closed. I bolted it onto a 4.5-inch tall platform on a mobile base to bring the table to a better working height for me (I’m tall). I am using the HTC HTC2000 Universal Mobile Base which just accommodates this saw (size and weight); and I am very happy with the base.

    Dust collection is pretty good (two ports below the table, 4-inch ports, un-tapered stubs (which made mounting and retaining the dust hoses easier for me)) but not perfect. Re-sawing wide stock with a big blade and large gullets throws a lot of sawdust.) Probably time for a more capable dust collector.

    So how does it cut? Really well. With a 1-inch blade, tensioned using the “flutter” method and with properly set stock guides, I get no drift. No problem cutting 3/16-inch thick slices off hardwood boards. I can just press the stock to the fence and push. Capacity is huge. Obviously, blade selection is critical to re-sawing. A Laguna 1-inch, 1.1 tpi and Timberwolf 1-inch 3 tpi both work great. (Some of the manuals I found online for this saw said it could take a 1-1/4 inch blade. This is incorrect. 1-inch is the maximum size blade for the model W1729.)

    The critical things for re-sawing seem to be:
    A rigid frame
    Applying the correct tension to the blade
    Proper guide set-up
    Tracking the blade correctly (good wheels and tires)
    Solid, stiff, precision table and fence
    Blade choice (this has nothing to do with the saw except for its capacity to accept and properly tension the right blade)

    This saw has all these covered. Very happy with this big saw.

    [update: 4-JAN-2013] I have recently cut some very hard wood (figured bubinga, 1/4-sawn) on the saw; this with the 3 tpi Timber Wolf 1-inch blade. The wood was an honest 10-inches wide and almost exactly 3/4-inch thick (planed both sides as purchased.) I was able to cut this wood into 4 slices (the fence was set just a hair over 1/8-inch; the kerf on the TW 3 tpi is about 1/16-inch) each of which I was able to sand completely smooth, both sides, at 0.090-inch thick. This is amazing. And this was without my planned tall fence extension (I used only the fence that came with the saw.) I did this just to see if I could (though I will be using the resulting pieces.) Great saw.

    I was also able to slice off pieces less than 1/16-inch thick off some 6-inch wide 1/4-sawn mahogany (same blade). Great saw.

    [Update 25-OCT-13] Recently equipped the saw with a 3/4-inch (largest they make) “Wood Slicer” blade with a kerf of about 0.040 inch (1mm) (from Highland Woodworking). Cuts clean, quiet, straight: Like magic. Very little vibration, highly recommended. Search the web for “wood slicer band saw blade”.

    I have found one wod that defeats the Wood Slicer: Purpleheart (I get drift). I will need to put the 1.1 tpi Laguna on the saw for that stuff. It is SO hard.


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