Infographic: Dishes Done Right

This is actually serendipitous (wow, I got that word on the first try :)). We are currently looking to replace our 12+ year old dishwasher, and I actually had some questions that are answered in this graphic. Thanks, PartSelect, for offering it to me.

How should you load a dishwasher? For quite awhile now I’ve been putting forks and spoons handles up in the basket thinking the spray arm would hit the business end better. Then, I read another site that claimed handles down was correct. Now, I see that I was at least partially right (see the graphic).

So, how well did I do otherwise? Let’s see…

Placing cups and bowls upside down seems obvious to me. Who wants a pool of water sitting in a bowl when the door is opened? But, you gotta be careful of “light” bowls since the water jets can tip them over during the rinse cycle. I like to jam something up against them to make sure they can’t tip easily. However…

Leaving space is important too. So, for me it’s a bit of a wash (no pun intended) – if the bowl looks too problematic, I’ll wash it by hand. Otherwise, I always make sure there’s enough space between items.

I load cups right, but I never really thought about them between the tines instead of on top of them. Most of our cups are too large to do it the ‘right’ way, however.

As far as the rest of the advice offered, I think I’m good. Especially the order in which the dishwasher is emptied. My theory on that is this – if I unload the lower section first, I can start loading it immediately without dripping onto something below.

Disches Done Right

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