Reconstructing a NW Chair Co. Rocker

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December 15th, 2014 in blogs

A reader stated interest in making a SketchUp model of a very comfortable family . (The original rocker was made in the early 1900’s by the Northwest Co in Tacoma, WA.) The reader assembled a SketchUp file, but ran into difficulty with all the component angles and how to fit them into a 3D space.

Here is a picture of the Chair Assembly:

This is not an easy project for a beginning SketchUp user, so I would like to show ways of breaking this down into a do-able job.

It is very helpful if there are good photos of the furniture piece, ones that are taken perpendicular to the major structural faces of the object. In projects like this it would be good to have photos including:

1. A side view picture perpendicular to outer side face of the Side Rail and Rocker
2. A front view perpendicular to the front face of the Front Legs
3. A picture perpendicular to the front face of the middle Back Slat
4. A top view perpendicular to the top face of the Arms.

Nevertheless, I was able to use pictures of rough sketches that the reader provided.

After importing the rough sketches, I straightened them to align with the Axes, and scaled to full size.

Here are the photos, however you may not be able to see much as they were very

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