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January 5th, 2015 in blogs

In continuing the discussion on , I show in this video my standard methods and procedure. And I should point out that the features I show, are all available in the Free or Make version of SketchUp.

I like to mix up the dimensioned views – some in , others in , and also in very close . This requires some use of layers to separate the sets of dimensions, so they don’t clutter up the drawing. For example, the dimensions for the will be placed on the “Perspective” Layer, and the Joinery dimensions will be placed on the “Detail” Layer. I use a standard set of layers – Perspective, Front, Side, Top, and Detail, and these accommodate all the dimension sets that I use in drawings.  

Here is a queen size bed I’ve shown in a previous blog entry that I will use for my dimensioning example.

I like to have a conventional orthographic Front, Top, and Side view with a few important overall dimensions. But when you get to the components like this Head Post, dimensioning becomes more complicated, mainly because of the joinery.

First, I like to have an overall perspective view of a dimensioned component. And I will apply some basic overall important dimensions, pulling them out in the proper axis orientation. Also, these dimensions will be placed in the Perpective Layer, so they do not show up

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