Bistro Tables are Creatively Cozy

Bistro Tables are Creatively Cozy
by Rod Ernest

Bistro tables are creatively cozy in any home, while being stylish in their sophistication. This is probably in large part due to people’s impression of the French word “bistro.” The French are known for their style and sophistication and thus, their bistros are considered the same. Plus, the bistro is a cozy, little French restaurant known for its intimate atmosphere.

When creative people want to redecorate, many think of bistro tables. These tables are unique because they’re smaller than the average dining table. Because of this, they’re more conducive to an informal setting. Since most people don’t encounter bistro tables in the average home, guests will be quite interested in the “experience.” They may feel like they’re in a Parisian eatery, so their visit will be memorable.

To play up this French theme, many decorate their bistro dining area with a European flavor. Baguettes, French wine and chocolates, and French music may transport you and your guests to another place. It’s fun to have a nice escape with your meal.

If you live in a small apartment or you have a small eating area, these tables are a great choice for your dining table. They take up far less space, so size isn’t an issue. Plus, since those of you who live in small apartments don’t invite large amount of guests over, this table is a fun and fashionable choice. You won’t have to sacrifice style because you don’t have the square footage for a large dining room table.

Additionally, pedestal tables can be quite romantic. Since the table top is so small, you have to sit close to your dining companion. The tables also seem to have a built in hint of France’s “City of Love.” You can create wonderful date nights with your partner, using the bistro as the stepping point for the romantic evening. Light the candles, put on some slow music, sip some French wine, and enjoy your Parisian evening.

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Bistro tables are known by various names, such as pedestal tables, pub tables, or bar tables. Wherever they’re placed, they all have one thing in common: a higher placed table top with a couple matching chairs. These tables aren’t for inside dining only; they can be made for the outdoors. Such tables are made out of materials able to withstand rain. As such, these bistro tables are unique and modern for the patio area.

The bistro table can be made out of various types of materials, such as wood, hard metals, or sculpted materials. Because of this variety, you’re sure to find one that’ll suit your tastes. The table tops on Bistro tables can also be made of wood and hard metal, as well as glass or tightly woven and sturdy wicker.

Many enjoy bistro tables with glass tops if the frame holding up the table top is artistically done. A lot of these frames are made out of wrought iron and molded into beautiful scroll work. Others have frames made out of sculpted forms, which are works of art in and of themselves. Having a glass top bistro table will allow you and your guests to appreciate the view of these creative frames.

You don’t have to keep bistro tables in the dining area; they’re great in a bar or game room. Remember, they’re also calls bar or pub tables. These pedestal tables fit well in a room that features a large screen TV. This entertainment area would have comfortable seating around it, where people can watch the sporting or special event. The bistro tables would be near the bar or off to the side, where others can socialize.

When you make a bistro set part of your home decor, you’re sure to find functionality and style at the same time. Your guests will be impressed with your modern approach to decoration, without your sacrifice of comfort. Just keep an eye out for the bistro tables or pub tables to match your decor and room’s theme, and you can’t go wrong.

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