Build a Mancave in Your Basement

mancave1A house may be home for everyone living in it but it always requires some room for the so called “mancave”. We all know that men crave for their own place in the house to keep their things. From recent studies, it has been shown that % of men have maintained their own mancaves inside their houses and other 13% of the men are in the process of up a mancave for themselves. These mancaves are wanted by men as they have to get their own personal time to bring out their manly phase to the leash. Every mancave has got things only guys deal with.

All their favorite things including beer, gadgets, etc. can be housed in these man-caves. They can get all the favorite things in a single place, which they can call their own. Most men attest that there is nothing better than this.  The evergreen concept of having those mancaves built up in the houses just can’t seem to stop. It has always been the thing men want the most. When all this is done rightly according to what the guy wants, then everything becomes satisfying and pleasing.

How and where will you build your Mancave?

mancave2Did you give it a thought that where these mancaves are going to be positioned in the house? Well, the one and only room that come up in anyone’s mind is the basement. Almost 3% of males are using their basements for building up the mancaves. So how are you going to pull of the whole mancave look inside your house? How are you going to make your mancave stand up against all those men out there with mancaves built inside their houses?

The major things that men are housing up in their mancaves are really interesting to see. Take a look at the following things that men are keeping inside their mancaves to make look much manlier and a lot better than those typical caves.

Recliner- 69%

DVD player- 67%

Big-screen TV- 76%

Computer- 65%

Poker tables- 19%

Stereo- 68%

Fridge or cooler- 67%

Neon beer signs- 19%

Surround sound- 64%

More than 60% of the men are into spending at least $5,000 for remodeling the basement and turning them into man-caves. You won’t have to worry as all this money is not going to be spent all together. You can spend it partially.

Before you decide to build yourself a mancave, keep your budget in mind and be clear what you want to keep in this space. You can either buy original things or even get them from the secondhand product market to make your mancave more appealing. While going for secondhand products, you can save money and get other things done to give it that spesific feel you want.

See, this all isn’t that hard. You can easily get started with the process and build up your own mancave in the house. Get the desired things house up inside your basement and turn it into a magical mancave you always wanted.

This article has brought to you by the guys from OBC . OBCbuilding is a master builder firm situated in the small town of Bromley. This Bromley building organization is registered at the NHBC builder union and has over 20 years of building experience.

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