What Type Of Juicer To Choose?

The juice bars are coming in the spotlight, since the benefits of fresh juice have become well known. More and more kitchens have juicers that are to squeeze fresh cup of juice everyday. Maybe you are one of those who wants to start hiw own diet with a new juicer. And what is the right way to do this?

If you are on your way to buy juicer, the number of different options will surely confuse you. The number of different options is huge. You won’t know which to choose, a steam juicer or to buy a Norwalk juicer. The wheat grass and centrifugal juicers will only bother you in making a final decision.

This is why you need some knowledge about the juicers and read few juicer reviews online. By figuring out which type of fruit you will use the most, you will pick suitable juicer more easier. You will be able to choose from three different types of juicers, based on the content you will use. Orange juicers, multi purpose juicers and wheatgrass juice extractors.

is best for green leafy vegetables and other sprouts. They come in electrical and manual version, so check what kind of wheat grass juicer you want. These are made for soft fruits only, so they can’t take lot of work.

Citrus juicers are best for juicing oranges and pomegranate. Since you would have to do lot of work with the manual type, I suggest you get yourself an electrical juicer. Therea are stainless steel and plastic juicers, so you can choose between those two. The price not only sets the build materials, but the benefits orange juicers have. There are some that can control the level of pulp, and some that can’t. And this is in relation to the price and the quality of the juicer.

And at the end, the multi-purpose juicer that can grind almost anything. They can handle almost any type of juice and will endure a lot of strain. And this is quite pricey, so you better decide what kind of features you really need in your juicer.

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