Horseback Riding Pointers for Safety

Horseback Riding Pointers for Safety
by Haylee Landford

Horseback riding safeguard pointers can aid in saving lives. For many folk, riding a horse in the forests or on trails in Colorado near mountains or in their foothills, is an ideal way to pass the time in the later part of the day. Horseback riding can be carried out at any speed, from slow and relaxing while enjoying the outdoors to driving hard to consume a few calories. Whatever your objective, horseback riding safeguard tips can help make your ride very pleasant, fun and especially safe for all.

Horseback riding safety tips ensure that a day spent riding goes off without a hitch.

Choose a horse to ride that matches your riding skills. Be sure that the horse you choose is safe to ride in areas such as on the road where traffic could be an issue.

An ASTM approved helmet that’s securely fastened and worn at all times while on a horse is highly recommended by owners and trainers.

Sturdy shoes or boots with about a one inch heel take good consideration.

The saddle should harness safety or break-away stirrups if the rider is inexperienced or fairly new to riding. They will prevent the rider’s foot from catching if they were to fall, thus being drug if the horse continues on.

Riding with a friend can be more fun than if you are alone and it is always a good idea to bring along a 2-way radio or a cell phone in case there are circumstances that require immediate action.

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Advise someone before you leave for your ride of your agenda; as far as where you’ll be and when you’ll be back. At the minimum let someone know if you are not back by a certain time where they should look for you on your Colorado land.

It is a grand idea to go as fast as your slowest rider or the one who is least skillful, the reason being that the faster you are going the least amount of response time there is to correct things before disaster.

If you are going to ride in areas that there could be hunters lurking about, please take extra precautions. Reactions from an awaiting hunter may take place where you find yourself in their sites with them thinking you are their target.

When riding at night on your Colorado land, reflective clothing should be worn and you should carry flashlights and be sure to continue only on well marked trails.

You may want to consider packing a safety kit containing sunscreen, water, snacks, a pocket knife and a halter just in case you would need to tie up.

Wearing sunscreen is a good idea in the sunny climates of Colorado, along with carrying water and some snacks with you and wearing comfortable clothing. Also be sure to get down off your horse once in a while to give everyone a rest.

There are many more safety tips that can be thought up, these are just a few meant to help you appreciate your desire for horseback riding on your Colorado land, and help to keep you safe.

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