Sculpturing a Windsor Seat – In SketchUp

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February 13th, 2015 in blogs

Several weeks ago I showed the making of this Windsor Writing Arm Chair. A reader asked how I did the “Sculptured Seat” – not the one in pine with a travisher, but the one shown in the SketchUp model. Actually, I could have done the seat in pine in the time that it took me to sculpture the seat in SketchUp. I don’t typically do the sculpturing in SketchUp as I don’t need that level of detail to do the work in the shop. But on this piece, I did take the time in SketchUp as I wanted the model to look more realistic.

In the following video, I show the steps I used to get that shaped surface into the seat in SketchUp. I used a plug-in called Curviloft by Fredo6. This is available in the Warehouse or in the Sketchucation store.

Here is the Writing Arm Chair with the final sculptured seat.

I start the process using the “flat” seat, along with profile curves and faces that indicate a rough shape of the seat from front-to-back, side-to-side, and at the front and back edges.

For the plug-in to work, I need at least three spline curves within which Curviloft creates a smooth surface. For the Front Spline Curve, I needed to do an

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